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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday(s)!!

Juz wanna wish my bestfriend since primary school; Ayeshah, a very Happy Birthday!!!She's going to be 21 years old today..hehe..dah dapat the kunci of kebebasan la ni ekk..xde maknenye..hahaha..I'm hoping that she will have a great life and semoga dimurahkan rezeki oleh Illahi...

I also wanna wish my fave ex-Akademi Fantasia 2 contestant ; Linda Nanuwil a very happy birthday(yesterday)..Although ur kinda like hilang,I'll be supporting u no matter what..ewahh..siap ade ucapan for her lak..heheh..

ps: eh..apehal lak 2 2 buat peace ni?hehe..

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