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Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Wonder in Malaysia 2010!!

When Wonder Girls' 1st Wonder in Malaysia 2010 was announce, I was really shocked!!Although I expect them to come again to Malaysia but I didn't expect it to be this soon.Wonder Girls' 1st visit to Malaysia was during the MTV World Stage 2010 at Sunway Lagoon and it was like 4 months ago. So when they announce that they will be selling tickets in just a few days, I was shock. The VVIP tix is RM550 while VIP is RM420. But if we buy them on the launching day,we will get 15% discounts from the organiser. But too bad, I just bought something and didn't have enough money to buy VVIP.Damn chu organiser!at least give us like 2 weeks to prepare the money for the concert >.< In the end, I just buy the VIP tix and bid farewell to the VVIP seat. :(

Friday - Dec 10,2010
Bobo, Nazz & me went to KL Sentral because we have to board the bus to Genting there. Dixxon was there too to take the gifts for the Wonder Girls from us since he will be going there with car. I bought some chocolates there too since I dont have enough time to shop for gifts for Yubin. Well, what can I say..Yubin is my favourite :D

We took the 1:00PM bus straight to Genting Skyway(Cable Car) in an hour journey. Then we took the cable car straight to the top. The view was really breathtaking and at the same time scary.LOL!After 15 minutes in the cable car, we finally reach our destination. We had a hard time finding the First World Hotel because of the messy signboards >.< But luckily we found it. Since we didnt reserve any room for the Friday night, we stayed at Rachel's room. But only for a night coz we booked a room on the day of the concert,just beside the entrance of the theme park & Arena of Stars. After checking into the hotel room, Nazz,Bobo & me decided to jalan-jalan around the Genting area since we're not familiar with that place. It's been like maybe almost 10 years I didnt go there XD

Bobo at the entrance of First World Hotel

We walk and walk and walk until we reach the Arena and BAM!!we heard loud music & voices from the Arena. Since we don't want to waste any money to buy the outdoor theme park tix, we just stand outside of it,trying to listen what music that they play. We heard 2DT,So Hot, Nobody and etc..including WG's solo songs. We even try to guess what solo song that they're going to perform.LOL!The rehearsal was not open to public but the music was loud enough for us and the people around that place to hear. We were like so excited thinking that the girls are in there rehearsing!After a while, the music stops and we went to get our lunch+dinner at KFC nearby the First World Hotel. Then we went back to our room to get the camera's battery and my handycam's night vision light thingy since it's going to be dark soon.

Again, we walk and walk around Genting hoping to bump into the Wonder Girls which is kinda impossible since they're rehearsing in the Arena since afternoon XD But no luck so we just go straight to the Arena because we heard more music was playing. I think we reach there around 9.30PM and it was damn cold!it's like we're in another country.LOL~ Then suddenly we saw something like a huge brown envelope lying on the ground. Guess what!! it's Wonder Girls' 1st Wonder posters from Kinohimitsu!!Before that we saw the sponsors for 1st Wonder;SUPER & KINOHIMITSU got a booth in front of the Arena. Those who bought their stuff will be given a WG poster! I think the posters were too many and the sponsors decided to leave the posters there coz they know Wonderfuls will take them.LOL! Bobo,Nazz & me took some and ask the WonderfulsWorld people Apple & Kenny to take them since there was really a lot. Kenny was a bit scared to take them coz he saw some securities there.haha~

In front of the Arena, we also met Badtz that came all the way from the US for the concert with his brother..She even gave me a packet of M&M's for helping her buy the 1st Wonder tix :) We hang out at that place like forever and in a cold weather just to listen what will WG perform on the next day. When I heard Yubin singing So What! by Pink I was really happy coz I know she'll be a rockstar during the concert! haha~ It's almost 11:30PM when we decided to leave the place because we need some Teh Tarik to warm up ourselves.LOL!We went to First World to look for cheap Teh tarik but only to find a cup of Teh Tarik costs RM4!

Nazz & Bobo stalking the girls

Disappointed, we went back to the Arena but this time we waited at the gate where they use to go in & out of the Arena. There were a few Wonderfuls there waiting for WG to get out just like us.But since it was a little crowded there we move onto the stairs in front of the gate. We can clearly see 2 white vans that the girls & their crew use. So we wait and wait and suddenly we saw 1 of the van move. We got excited and Nazz & Bobo even hold the 1st Wonder poster and balloons to attract the girls' attention when they got out through the gate. It was already 12:00am when they got out. Nazz & Bobo were waving at the van & I with the handycam. Their crazy selves manage to attract Lim's attention! They saw Lim peeked at them and smiled :) The van moves so fast that we cannot see which direction they're going.

We dunno who's that. Maybe their stylist.kkkk~ in night vision mode

Then we saw some of the staff including WG's choreographer Hwayoung walking to Resort Hotel which is nearby the Arena. So we follow them and waited at the lobby.LOL 1st time stalking like this XD There, we saw Hwayoung unni again with others waiting at the lobby. We thought Wonder Girls will arrive later but then a white van stopped and Hwayoung unni and others took their luggage from the van and leave the lobby >.< Again,we felt sad that the girls weren't staying there with their crew. So we went to the nearby Coffee Bean to buy some coffee/chocolates. After a few minutes sitting there, suddenly we saw Hwayoung unni with another girl going into the nearby store.She was so sempoi wearing only pajamas,slippers and apple-hairstyle XD After that, we all decided to call it quits since it was midnight already.

Hwayoung unni(most right) with the rest of staff/dancers

Saturday - Dec 11, 2010
We all woke up a bit late that day. Maybe around 9am. Rachel and Jane already wake up but we're still in bed.LOL~ Both of them went out first because Bobo,Nazz and me still havent taken our bath yet.haha~ So eventually we went out around 11:00am and went straight to Genting Hotel because we need to pass some things to Rachel for the concert. There, Rachel said Lim just came down to have her breakfast+lunch at the Coffee Terrace!Daebak!With all the gifts & banners, we waited for other WG. I was standing at the hotel lobby with Bobo,Nazz,Rachel,Jane,Badtz and her bro waiting for the girls. There were other Wonderfuls there too but not too many. Rachel told us not to take their picture because the girls might walk really fast or cover their face from the camera.

So we wait and wait and suddenly I saw a familiar figure with shades and long hair walking towards us with her head looking at the ground with another staff. I blurted out "HI SUNYE!!" in my excitement and other Wonderfuls started to look at her. She nodded and smiled to us!! Bobo wanted to give her present to Sunye but she was too shocked to see Sunye!hahahaha~~!She missed her timing T-T After a while, other Wonderfuls started to show up at that place and also more securities standing in the lobby.

Some gifts from MYWonderfuls

SUDDENLY I heard some people said OMG it's YUBIN and YEEUN!! They were all in a good mood and keep smiling to the fans.And then this 1 girl ran to the girls just because she wanted to give her present. Securities saw this as a threat and suddenly they're guarding YeBin like crazy!Some people was able to pass their gift to YeBin and I was just standing there with my gift for Yubin waiting for them to walk in front of me. THEN this FAT ASS security stand EXACTLY in front of me when I was about to hand out the gift to Yubin! Yubin saw me and give me an apologetic face because the fat security was pushing them to walk faster. Poor girls :(  and me too T-T I was so pissed off because I didnt manage to give the gifts to YUB!!

My gift for Yubin (Left) & Bobo's gift for Sunye(Right)

After a while it was Sohee's turn to show up at the hotel lobby! She walks with her usual shades and the black and yellow sweater with a few security. She was being her usual Ahn Chick self until I decided to say "HI SOHEE!!". Just like Sunye, Sohee nodded and smiled to us :) But as usual, the security were being overprotective again although there were no crazy fans screaming or chasing the girls. Dixxon arrived at the hotel to give us some of the gifts from MYWonderfuls to pass to the girls. We put Malaysian snacks and food into the Christmas stockings just for the girls with the help of some MYHottests crew because we wanted to give the girls the presents at that time. Nazz also made a HUGE card for Wonderfuls to sign to be given to the girls. There were a few problem with the organiser about the banners that MYWonderfuls supposed to hang in the Arena. They said we never told them about the banners but we got all their email replies in our inbox. Sigh~~
The view from Genting Hotel 

After like one hour, we saw lots of staff and securities getting ready at the door and 2 white van arrived outside the hotel. So we're guessing that the girls will be out in any seconds now. Nazz and me were already prepared with our gifts(from me & MYWonderfuls) near the hotel entrance. Other Wonderfuls stayed near the entrance of the Coffee Terrace but there were too many securities there. Sunye was the first to get out followed by Lim. Somehow Lim wasn't smiling as much as the others but she still looks cute with her long hair. Nazz stood at the entrance and handed MYWonderfuls gifts to Sunye. At first Sunye was like shock and didn't take them but Nazz suddenly said "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" to Sunye and Sunye take it.LOL!After that Yeeun and Yubin walk towards the entrance but Yubin was on the opposite side from Yeeun. So I said to Yeeun, "YEEUN YEEUN CAN YOU PASS THIS TO YUBIN??!". Yeeun said "What?" with a confuse look because she cannot hear my voice.Then I said "YUBIN!YUBIN!" and she smiles and said "OWH,OK!". So I said "THANKS YEEUN!" and she just smiles. Even though Yeeun was younger than me, I can feel her "power".LOL I dunno how to explain it XD Then I saw Bobo running towards Nazz and me with her gift to Sunye on her hand. Both of us were like why didnt you pass it to Sunye??She said she missed the timing again and almost give up. But Nazz took her gift and run to the van. I dunno whether she gave it to the staff or Sunye.hoho~The van was perfectly tinted that we can barely see WG in there.I took out my handycam and started recording whoever in the van. I zoomed in into the van but can hardly see who.Little that I know I was filming Yubin checking out my gift!!I was like SOOOO HAPPYYYY & TOUCHED that she took her time to check out my gift!!! I was grinning non-stop looking at them and suddenly the same fat security told us NO CAMERA please!! I was like WTF again! =.=)'

After bidding goodbye to them, we all went back to our hotel room at First World Hotel to get our bags and then check in into Theme Park Hotel which is just beside the Theme Park & Arena of Stars. All MYWonderfuls staff gathered in the Marrybrown restaurant in Theme Park Hotel to give out the t-shirt,light sticks and postcards that Wonderfuls ordered through our facebook & forum. There was a jukebox in the restaurant and it have Nobody Rainstone Remix and the Chinese version!So Wonderfuls there played them I dunno how many times until all the people there bored I guess.haha~I saw this little boy was dancing to Nobody while eating his food.So cute! Then, because it was too cold outside I decided to rest a bit in the hotel room. I can hear Wonder Girls were still rehearsing in the afternoon! and it was clear too.I can hear Yeeun's loud voice through our room!LOL~ My other room mate , kak Hujan and her sister arrived with their friend JC around 3:00PM. At 6:00PM, I go down to meet with other Wonderfuls and prepare for the concert! Also help them to give out the balloons and the light stick to the people going into the concert. I also get to meet the famous PikeYenny from Vietnam!!She and her friend Glenda came all the way from Vietnam just for this concert! So cool!

The view from our hotel room.Barely can see anything

Bobo, Rachel & Nazz

Around 7:00PM Nazz and me started to get into the Arena but the security asked me to put away my camera's batteries at their booth >.< but Nazz's camera is safe with her. Well, since I cannot use the camera, I'm sure enjoy the show more ^_^ When we entered the Arena, lots of seats were still unoccupied which makes us worried that not lots of people will show up but the Arena starting to get full around 7:45PM. We saw all kinds of people there, little kids,teenagers,adults,old people,girls and guys,Malay,Chinese, some Indians and also people outside Malaysia. Kinda proud of that :)

The concert starts around 8:10PM with 3 unknown singers to me.LOL~ but the female singer's voice was kinda nice :) At 8:30PM suddenly the curtain fell off!! and we all were screaming like crazy including me!!LOL! Then 1 by 1 the girls show up with a special solo dance starting from Lim, Yubin, Yeeun, Sohee and finally the charismatic Min Leadah!! Unlike other concert, their first opening song was SO HOT and yes it was SOOOOO DAMN HOT!! As usual my eyes are too biased to Yubin but they all manage to captivate my eyes with their charismatic stage performance.

Next, the girls performed I Wanna, Goodbye, Nobody Rainstone Remix and also This Time. Finally I get to see the famous WG chairs in real life! LOL~ Before performing Nobody RR, the girls introduced themselves in Malay except for Sunye. Firstly, Sohee excitedly said "Kami Sohee!" and then some of us were laughing at her cute mistake. She was supposed to say "Nama saya Sohee" or "Saya Sohee". "Kami" means "We are". Even Yeeun was shocked and try to correct her!haha~after that Sunye, then Yeeun said "Apa Khabar?Nama saya Yenny" followed by the same words by Lim & Yubin.

Yubin's stage (stole this from Rachel.kkkk~)

After that it was Yubin's turn to rock the stage! Unlike in other concerts, this time she turned into a rockstar! Baby girl can sing yo!! And she even climb the railings on the left side of the stage!! It was a hot stage by our rapper!! I think I screamed a lot of time when she climbed up the railings.LOL! Next it was time for our mandoo baby Sohee to perform an upgraded version of Single Ladies. I remembered a few weeks before, I tweeted Sohee what kind of solo performance will she perform at Genting and she said "As always".haha!! I guess she really love the song :) After that Lim came out wearing a cute blue hoodie performing Lipgloss. I love the way she dance and the popping move during the dance break. Just after Lim performed, the show continued with Headache, You're Out, This Fool (Eebabo), and also Irony.

Just after Irony, it's Yeeun's turn for her solo stage. Before starting her stage, she asked the audience, "Can i drink some water" and all the crowd shouted "YESSSS!!".LOL~ She did some talking before playing the piano and sing Tainted Love. Since it was an old song, not many people know it including me. But her performance was superb as always! I love the way she moves her hips during the song. It was sexy and cute at the same time!kkkkk~ And finally it's time for our Min Leadah's solo performance. This time she sings You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. It was an emotional stage as the clip behind her showed a home video from Sunye when she was a little girl with her grandmother. I nearly cry but I didn't. As always Sunye shines through out the song with her passionate singing.

The lights went out and all the girls came out wearing pretty white dresses. This time they perform ballads; I Tried and also Saying I Love You. During I Tried, the girls came down from the stage and gave handshakes to the crowd; mostly the VVIPs. So when they came to the middle, some of the VIPs including me ran out to the front to get their handshake but failed.LOL!because there were too many people there T-T. After that during SILY, the girls pick one guy to be on stage. The guy not only got to take pictures with the girls, but also got some goodies and a HUGE PINK BEAR that i think costs around RM500 and above >.<

Nerdy Yub is adorable <3

Next, the lights went out again and this time they showed a clip where Wonder Girls were acting as their fans;Wonderfuls. Sunye was Yubin's fan that use A-yo Yubin as her ID in the fan cafe. Sohee was Yeeun's fan named Bravo Ms. Park, Yubin was Sunye's fan called Oh My Sun, Lim as her own fan; Only Lim and Yeeun as Sohee's  fan called Oooops Sohee! The skit was really funny and the girls' acting were not too bad. I keep laughing at the time when Yubin always hold her glasses like a nerd and Sunye's kkabness when she was rapping Yubin's rap in Tell Me!! You have to watch it by yourself!!

After the skit, the girls came out again with their new 2DT wardrobe!! They all look lovely as always with that denim clothings. Then they continued with 2DT & Nobody rock version like they did during the MTV World Stage at Sunway Lagoon a few months ago. Next, the Tell Me music starts and the girls asked the crowd to guess what song they're gonna sing next. They were like surprise that lots of people know the song too besides Nobody. :D My body moves automatically when hearing that song coz that's the 1st song I know from the Wonder Girls.Such memory :) Yeeun asked us to stand up and dance with them but the security asked us to sit down.I was like WTF didnt you heard the lady,dude??So we just ignore them and continue dancing and singing to the song XD It was fun until suddenly the song ends and Wonder Girls said goodbye to us! I was like "O_O What??That's all??No Nobody??". So we waited a bit and then show this clip collection of people dancing to Tell Me and Nobody. It was really fun to watch that Wonder Girls' music are loved by all people of many races, age and religion. Then suddenly on the screen it showed, "Do you want more Wonder Girls??" "Shout Tell Me" or something like, I forgot XP We scream Tell Me!! Tell Me!! and then suddenly the Nobody music starts and the girls came out with their red gorgeous dresses!! Everyone in the Arena went crazy and sing along to the song! Then the song ends and they bid goodbye to us again. We saw Yeeun ran to Sohee, Yubin, Lim and then Sunye and whisper something. In the end they shouted, "KAMI SUKA MALAYSIA!!!!" and then they're gone from the stage :( "Now it really is the end", I said to myself and it's only 9:50PM!! The concert was too short! we need more!! >.<

We didnt go out straight after the concert but waited for other MYWonderfuls to gather and take pictures together. Nazz still hasn't pass the huge card that contains Wonderfuls' signature or messages to the girls so we told her to give it to one of JYP crew. I think it was their manager. But at first, Nazz gave the card to the technical crew guy which don;t have any relation with the girls. LOL! After that I help Bobo to collect MYWonderfuls banner that was hang at the Arena. Then we go outside and saw lots of Wonderfuls gathered waiting to take photos together. I suddenly saw my seonsaengnim(teacher) from KTO, Ms. Tiara with her son at the place. Bobo and her had a little conversation since she's also her Korean teacher at UITM!What a coincidence!LOL~ She said it's not really entertaining XD. I bet it's because she prefer male singers with powerful voice.kkkkk~seonsaengnim jangan marah,ok! :D Then when we're saying our goodbyes suddenly someone said Annyeong to her which was informal and a little disrespectful. I can see her face changed a bit.XD  Bobo and me bow to her and said Annyeonghi Gasaeyo(Goodbye). It was weird though, get to meet her in a concert.hoho ~

After she left, I quickly get back my batteries from the organiser and go straight to where lots of Wonderfuls gather to take picture. I think I asked Badtz unni's brother to help take the picture with my camera. It was not only my camera but many many cameras :D  This is how the picture turns out :


Then, we split up and go to our own direction :D Nazz, Bobo and me went to WG Official Merchandise booth to buy the t-shirt since they gave us discounts until it became RM65 per shirt. Still expensive but more affordable than RM84 for a shirt O_O. Besides the shirt, I also bought WG's Photobook and also a box with WG & 2PM on its cover that looks like a box that paramedic use :D Then we went out and saw lots of people were waiting for Wonder Girls at the gate where they went in and out to the Arena. We wanted to wait too but changed our mind because we were too many people there. We all go straight to the Genting Hotel to wait for the girls. On the way to that hotel, we saw many people were waiting at the Resort Hotel too. We just go straight to Genting Hotel and found out not many people were waiting there. Some people said the girls went to Awana to have their dinner there but I dont think it's possible because they wont go far just for dinner :) While waiting, one of the security told us that the girls didn't stay at Genting Hotel. What a bull! we just saw the girls that morning coming down fro breakfast/lunch >.< After a while, we left the hotel because we think that the girls has arrived to the hotel first before us. Nazz "newly-found" friend, a police who works at the Arena said the girls went into the their hotel through back door because there were too many people :( So we just headed to Marrybrown to have our dinner+supper there. And since we're too tired, we just go straight to our hotel to sleep :D When we reach our room, we found out our room mate, kak Hujan and her sister were already asleep.LOL~

WG merchandise that I bought

Sunday - Dec 12, 2010
We woke up pretty late that day, around 9:30AM. Tisha asked us if we wanna stalk the girls that morning but we're too tired & lazy plus we already met them the day before :) So we just take our sweet time packing our stuff and check out from that hotel. We were supposed to take the 2:30pm bus but we arrived there early near 1:00PM so we asked the driver if we can get on the bus. He asked us to wait for a few minutes and then he let us in. We arrived at KL Sentral around 2:00PM and I reached my home around 2:45PM.

So that was the end of my WONDERFUL journey!! I hope Wonder Girls will come and hold their concert here again. It was a fun weekend where I got to meet lots of Wonderfuls, local and also international. Just what "Oh My Sun" said, "I'm glad that I meet you guys under the name of Wonder Girls".  ^_^

Till then, goodbyeeee!! <3

ps: i didnt record any fancam besides the skit, you can search them at youtube :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a wonderful day!!

31st July 2010 was a date that I could never forget. This is the 1st time ever I could watch Wonder Girls performing live in front of me (and the whole Sunway Lagoon!LOL!). MTV World Stage 2010 made it happen for us Wonderfuls & Kpop lovers to actually watch them performing live from Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!

The night before the concert, I can barely sleep since I was too excited for the concert! I think I slept like 3am in the morning and wake up around 8.30am. Woke up and then take a shower early so that I will not be kelam kabut when Eyda arrives to fetch me later at 11am.LOL XD After that had to organize all the gifts from MYWonderfuls so that it will be easier for Naza & Bobo to give them on Sunday. Why Sunday?Because they won the Meet & Greet contest by MTV!! *cries a river* Although I didn't get the chance to meet them, I just bought some gifts for Yoobinnie since she is my fave Wonder Girl.kkkk!I would love to buy the other girls some gifts too but then my money........ T-T

I also brought along 3 2DT CDs with me since I'll be meeting a few Wonderfuls on that day later.

Around 11am ++, my friend Eyda arrived and I quickly take all the gifts for the Wonder Girls. My parents were like, those presents are for who?why so many?and etc...Well I just said "Secret"..hahaha~ as if they couldn't guess for whom :D When already in the car, I just realised that I forgot to bring the Devils' Horns..the  head gear that have light in it..omo i dunno how to explain. You might seen the South Koreans wear them during the WOrld Cup as a support to their country team.

The traffic was quite okay but there were some place that there' traffic jam so we actually got stuck a bit. Later we arrived at Sunway Pyramid around 1pm and went directly at JCo Donuts coz Dixxon said some people already there. Yeah there are people there but I dunno anybody! LOL! I also can't find Dixxon but then I remembered that he went to the MTV World Stage Press Conference already. So we waited a bit and some Wonderfuls called me to ask about my location. A few mins later, a Wonderful found me.Her name is Shafierin and she went there alone! LOL~! that's the spirit of a Wonderful! Since Naza & Bobo (AJ) got also got stuck in the heavy traffic jam, me,Eyda & Shafierin went to Subway for lunch. There, I also met 1 of the Wonderful-Kpop lover unni; Erin. She was with her friends and the reason we got to meet is because our drinks were tasteless even though we took Coke & Ice Lemon Tea. So while waiting for the new drinks, we chatted a bit and she told me that her group went to stalk WG at their hotel and managed to get signatures & handshakes! *jealous!* if you saw any pics from KpopHuntress, you will know that that's her group.LOL~ While eating, Kenshin(sorry i dunno your real name XD) arrived with all the kerepek and stuff to give to Nazz for Wonder Girls.LOL~ Then we quickly went to JCo to meet Nazz & Bobo. They were already giving out the I<3WG shirts to Wonderfuls and there I met more Wonderfuls that i have never met before. The makcik selling the light stick was already there too. And also Tisha with her mini WG banners.
stuck at the normal passes lane :(

Around 3pm-ish we quickly pack all the stuff and went to queue. The queue was maaadddddd longggggggg!! But I dunno how, we managed to get in front but it was the line for normal pass! We squeezed in to go to the Xzone lane but they wont let us! So mean & horrible this normal passes holders! Suddenly they let us in and the 5 of us, Eyda,Nazz,Bobo,Eunice & me were pushed to the 1st entrance! Nazz and Eunice fell into the barricade because of the pushing O_O Eunice managed to stand up and we yelled to the people to stop pushing coz Nazz's leg was stuck at the barricade.Seriously I was really worried about her coz we are there to have fun not to break a leg. Luckily some people were helping and also the guards. But now another problem, we were in the Normal Pass Lane! and it's too late for us to go back since XZone's lane also was really long. Eunice asked the security if we can to jump the barricade so that we will be in the Xzone but they said no. After waiting for another 1 hour++ the security starting to let us in. *FINALLY!!*

The entrance
Bored+Tired Bobo

There's a few different counters for Normal,Express and also Xzone passes so we just went to the Xzone counter. Some kids tried to cut the line stating that they didn't bring any bags. Didnt bring any bags?But you also need to queue whether you like it or not! Damn these kids like so annoying.. -.-  Actually 1 of Eunice & Nazz's pass were torn off when they fell earlier so some people said they cannot get in without the whole pass so they were worried if 1 of them cannot go in. But luckily when they were checking the tix, Nazz quickly show her wrist to the ticket inspector for the wrist pass whatever thingy that you called them. On the way to the Surf Beach which was really far from the entrance, MTV gave us a fan and also a rain poncho to each of us. But Bobo forgot to take her rain poncho!hahaha~ so clumsy! We hurriedly ran to the surf beach but there were some securities that asked us not to run for safety purposes.LOL but we were too excited!

The MTV World Stage's stage.LOL~
The view from the Xzone(a.k.a mosh pit) area

Me, Eyda & excited Bobo..haha

Eunice & Nazz ~ the twins

World Stage's VJs


Our local band, Bunkface put up a great performance but too bad their performing time is like 30 mins only. They're like the opener for the other big stars (just like Wonder Girls >.< )

And next was the performers that i've been waiting to see in real life really bad, none other than Wonder Girls! OMG!! Their opener was really really awesome! These 5 gorgeous girls were dancing in their cage and the way they get out from the cage was really cool!!Seriously i was starstruck when i saw them on stage. really pretty and hot! (Too bad MTV cut their awesome intro on tv which give them for like 15 mins on the delay broadcast! Stupid MTV!).

I didnt take any picture of them coz i was busy recording them on my phone.haha~~seriously they're like goddess on stage with their stage charisma!especially during the rock version of 2DT and also Nobody which they act with a pyro guitar each.that was the cool version of the songs Yoobin looked really like a hot rockstar!! here are the fancams i managed to record.sorry for the poor quality!

[all fancams are not reupload anywhere]

After WG finish performing, it's time for Tokio Hotel to perform. But since we're tired from all the rain and yelling during WG's time, we decided to leave although we really want to see Katy Perry perform. We also had to prepare for the After Party which held at The Opera after the concert. But it turns out that the concert ended really late (almost 1 AM) and also WG had to re-perform their Nobody because earlier, the LED background was not working. And we all missed that because we were at The Opera already :( and since it ended too late, Wonder Girls didn't go to the after party. Wasted the SONY ERICSSON After Party passes that i won. BOO!

Although there were a lot of drama happened on that day, i can say that it was 1 of my most memorable day taht happened in my life :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


saw this article on Kpop singer, Son Dambi in Mingguan Malaysia today..LOL since when Son Dambi changed her name into Son Dombi? haha~ failed writer & editor >.<

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm soooo going to MTV World Stage in Malaysia 2010 !!

My wish came true..finally the Wonder Girls will be coming to our country for MTV World Stage!! WOOOT!!

It's been a month since I've tried looking for Junior & Bee at to win exclusive passes for the concert and I managed to find Junior 2 times!That means I got 4 normal passes for the event! But until today, only a pair reached safely at my house. Still waiting for that another pair :(

So, excited for the event, me & my dongsengs Naza & AJ went to Sunway Pyramid last week for the MTV World Stage roadshow hosted by VJ Utt. There we managed to grab a few X-Zone passes when we reloaded our Xpax. Each of us got a pair and since we didnt bring lots of money, we cannot help other people that really wanted the passes :(  Anyway, my dongseng Naza managed to win a Meet & Greet with the Wonder Girls!! How awesome is that?I'm really happy for her ^_^

Update Passes with me : 2 X-Zone, 2 Normal

Since the next day I cant come to that place again( I was at grandmother's house in Negeri Sembilan), I asked a few friends to help out buy the passes but they're too busy to entertain me. So  I asked my dongseng AJ if she's going to Sunway Pyramid again. She said her friend will try to help. Her friend managed to reload RM50 and I was sure I'm going to get the X-Zone passes but they're sold out already!I just know that the passes that I got were the normal ones when someone on twitter said people got normal passes instead of X-Zone.Sigh~ let it be Balqis..let it least you can sell the passes ^_^

Update Passes:
- With Me : 2 X-Zone, 2 Normal
- With Friend : 2 Normal

Now last Friday when I was in the LRT, I got this FB message  from a Wonderful named Jauharah saying that I just won the Post-Party of MTV World Stage!!I was really excited that I couldnt wait to reach home :D Then quickly I on my laptop and went to Sony Ericsson Malaysia's facebook page..and then I saw this :

WOOHOOO!!! I'm the only Malay on the list that won!! XD Sony Ericsson held a contest a few weeks ago where fans need to answer 4 questions and make a slogan about the Wonder Girls. I managed to do them in 15 secs and I was at 7th place. Wow I wonder how many seconds the 1st person managed to do..anyway I was really excited that I think I went to sleep that night smiling like a fool.HAHAHA~~

Update Passes :
-With Me : 2 X-Zone , 2 Normal
- With friend : 2 Normal
- With Sony Ericsson : 2 Normal + 2 Post Party

Now I'm waiting for the XPAX contest that they held on Facebook.Hopefully I could win another X-Zone pass for my friend :)

And I'm still trying other contests to win the Meet & Greet with the Wonder Girls. Damn I really want to meet them up close and see how tall & skinny are they XD

My advice to you guys is; just enter as many contests as possible coz we'll never know our luck ^_^

See you at Sunway Lagoon this 31st July!!

My latest CDs!!

I was really excited that the Wonder Girls finally released "2 Different Tears" album after 2 years without new songs! O_O oh just realised that it has been 2 LONG YEARS!!wow so long....although they only got 1 new song , I am satisfied because the song is not only catchy but unique if compared to all the latest kpop songs in Korea right now. Besides, the MV was really cute and it was made into 3 different version > English, Korea & Chinese. JYP was maddd funny in the Chinese version because he cant talk in Chinese XD

I bought the Korean version and the US version I got it for free because JYPE said it was a gift for fans who pre-ordered their soon-to-be-released US Debut album(probably in Sept?). The booklet was really adorable and this was the new member Lim's 1st album. The girl was so sweet and hopefully the rest of the fans can accept her :)

and this extra special cd package from Taeyang really impressed me!

Taeyang is back with his hotness!! He's too hot that I cannot resist to buy his Deluxe version of Solar. So, what's the different between the regular Solar & Deluxe Solar? Well, the regular is just like any kpop album but in the Deluxe edition, we got all of the stuff above! There's even a tee-shirt! (which a little big for fangirls & i'm included XD)..Of all the songs in the album, I really love "You're My" & "I Need a Girl" coz his voice is so creamy cream?LOL~ this is a must for every Taeyang the pictures in the booklet are realllllyyyyyy HAWT!! And this deluxe was extra special because only 30k was manufactured..and I'm 1 of the lucky fans! XD

Get both of the CDs now!!! :D