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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a wonderful day!!

31st July 2010 was a date that I could never forget. This is the 1st time ever I could watch Wonder Girls performing live in front of me (and the whole Sunway Lagoon!LOL!). MTV World Stage 2010 made it happen for us Wonderfuls & Kpop lovers to actually watch them performing live from Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach!

The night before the concert, I can barely sleep since I was too excited for the concert! I think I slept like 3am in the morning and wake up around 8.30am. Woke up and then take a shower early so that I will not be kelam kabut when Eyda arrives to fetch me later at 11am.LOL XD After that had to organize all the gifts from MYWonderfuls so that it will be easier for Naza & Bobo to give them on Sunday. Why Sunday?Because they won the Meet & Greet contest by MTV!! *cries a river* Although I didn't get the chance to meet them, I just bought some gifts for Yoobinnie since she is my fave Wonder Girl.kkkk!I would love to buy the other girls some gifts too but then my money........ T-T

I also brought along 3 2DT CDs with me since I'll be meeting a few Wonderfuls on that day later.

Around 11am ++, my friend Eyda arrived and I quickly take all the gifts for the Wonder Girls. My parents were like, those presents are for who?why so many?and etc...Well I just said "Secret"..hahaha~ as if they couldn't guess for whom :D When already in the car, I just realised that I forgot to bring the Devils' Horns..the  head gear that have light in it..omo i dunno how to explain. You might seen the South Koreans wear them during the WOrld Cup as a support to their country team.

The traffic was quite okay but there were some place that there' traffic jam so we actually got stuck a bit. Later we arrived at Sunway Pyramid around 1pm and went directly at JCo Donuts coz Dixxon said some people already there. Yeah there are people there but I dunno anybody! LOL! I also can't find Dixxon but then I remembered that he went to the MTV World Stage Press Conference already. So we waited a bit and some Wonderfuls called me to ask about my location. A few mins later, a Wonderful found me.Her name is Shafierin and she went there alone! LOL~! that's the spirit of a Wonderful! Since Naza & Bobo (AJ) got also got stuck in the heavy traffic jam, me,Eyda & Shafierin went to Subway for lunch. There, I also met 1 of the Wonderful-Kpop lover unni; Erin. She was with her friends and the reason we got to meet is because our drinks were tasteless even though we took Coke & Ice Lemon Tea. So while waiting for the new drinks, we chatted a bit and she told me that her group went to stalk WG at their hotel and managed to get signatures & handshakes! *jealous!* if you saw any pics from KpopHuntress, you will know that that's her group.LOL~ While eating, Kenshin(sorry i dunno your real name XD) arrived with all the kerepek and stuff to give to Nazz for Wonder Girls.LOL~ Then we quickly went to JCo to meet Nazz & Bobo. They were already giving out the I<3WG shirts to Wonderfuls and there I met more Wonderfuls that i have never met before. The makcik selling the light stick was already there too. And also Tisha with her mini WG banners.
stuck at the normal passes lane :(

Around 3pm-ish we quickly pack all the stuff and went to queue. The queue was maaadddddd longggggggg!! But I dunno how, we managed to get in front but it was the line for normal pass! We squeezed in to go to the Xzone lane but they wont let us! So mean & horrible this normal passes holders! Suddenly they let us in and the 5 of us, Eyda,Nazz,Bobo,Eunice & me were pushed to the 1st entrance! Nazz and Eunice fell into the barricade because of the pushing O_O Eunice managed to stand up and we yelled to the people to stop pushing coz Nazz's leg was stuck at the barricade.Seriously I was really worried about her coz we are there to have fun not to break a leg. Luckily some people were helping and also the guards. But now another problem, we were in the Normal Pass Lane! and it's too late for us to go back since XZone's lane also was really long. Eunice asked the security if we can to jump the barricade so that we will be in the Xzone but they said no. After waiting for another 1 hour++ the security starting to let us in. *FINALLY!!*

The entrance
Bored+Tired Bobo

There's a few different counters for Normal,Express and also Xzone passes so we just went to the Xzone counter. Some kids tried to cut the line stating that they didn't bring any bags. Didnt bring any bags?But you also need to queue whether you like it or not! Damn these kids like so annoying.. -.-  Actually 1 of Eunice & Nazz's pass were torn off when they fell earlier so some people said they cannot get in without the whole pass so they were worried if 1 of them cannot go in. But luckily when they were checking the tix, Nazz quickly show her wrist to the ticket inspector for the wrist pass whatever thingy that you called them. On the way to the Surf Beach which was really far from the entrance, MTV gave us a fan and also a rain poncho to each of us. But Bobo forgot to take her rain poncho!hahaha~ so clumsy! We hurriedly ran to the surf beach but there were some securities that asked us not to run for safety purposes.LOL but we were too excited!

The MTV World Stage's stage.LOL~
The view from the Xzone(a.k.a mosh pit) area

Me, Eyda & excited Bobo..haha

Eunice & Nazz ~ the twins

World Stage's VJs


Our local band, Bunkface put up a great performance but too bad their performing time is like 30 mins only. They're like the opener for the other big stars (just like Wonder Girls >.< )

And next was the performers that i've been waiting to see in real life really bad, none other than Wonder Girls! OMG!! Their opener was really really awesome! These 5 gorgeous girls were dancing in their cage and the way they get out from the cage was really cool!!Seriously i was starstruck when i saw them on stage. really pretty and hot! (Too bad MTV cut their awesome intro on tv which give them for like 15 mins on the delay broadcast! Stupid MTV!).

I didnt take any picture of them coz i was busy recording them on my phone.haha~~seriously they're like goddess on stage with their stage charisma!especially during the rock version of 2DT and also Nobody which they act with a pyro guitar each.that was the cool version of the songs Yoobin looked really like a hot rockstar!! here are the fancams i managed to record.sorry for the poor quality!

[all fancams are not reupload anywhere]

After WG finish performing, it's time for Tokio Hotel to perform. But since we're tired from all the rain and yelling during WG's time, we decided to leave although we really want to see Katy Perry perform. We also had to prepare for the After Party which held at The Opera after the concert. But it turns out that the concert ended really late (almost 1 AM) and also WG had to re-perform their Nobody because earlier, the LED background was not working. And we all missed that because we were at The Opera already :( and since it ended too late, Wonder Girls didn't go to the after party. Wasted the SONY ERICSSON After Party passes that i won. BOO!

Although there were a lot of drama happened on that day, i can say that it was 1 of my most memorable day taht happened in my life :)

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