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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My latest CDs!!

I was really excited that the Wonder Girls finally released "2 Different Tears" album after 2 years without new songs! O_O oh just realised that it has been 2 LONG YEARS!!wow so long....although they only got 1 new song , I am satisfied because the song is not only catchy but unique if compared to all the latest kpop songs in Korea right now. Besides, the MV was really cute and it was made into 3 different version > English, Korea & Chinese. JYP was maddd funny in the Chinese version because he cant talk in Chinese XD

I bought the Korean version and the US version I got it for free because JYPE said it was a gift for fans who pre-ordered their soon-to-be-released US Debut album(probably in Sept?). The booklet was really adorable and this was the new member Lim's 1st album. The girl was so sweet and hopefully the rest of the fans can accept her :)

and this extra special cd package from Taeyang really impressed me!

Taeyang is back with his hotness!! He's too hot that I cannot resist to buy his Deluxe version of Solar. So, what's the different between the regular Solar & Deluxe Solar? Well, the regular is just like any kpop album but in the Deluxe edition, we got all of the stuff above! There's even a tee-shirt! (which a little big for fangirls & i'm included XD)..Of all the songs in the album, I really love "You're My" & "I Need a Girl" coz his voice is so creamy cream?LOL~ this is a must for every Taeyang the pictures in the booklet are realllllyyyyyy HAWT!! And this deluxe was extra special because only 30k was manufactured..and I'm 1 of the lucky fans! XD

Get both of the CDs now!!! :D