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Saturday, July 24, 2010

BEAST/B2ST Showcase Live in Malaysia!

thanks to my little dongseng Naza, I was able to see B2ST/BEAST live..All I can saw is...THEY GOT REALLY NICE SKIN!! XD really I'm not kidding. Their face are...really pretty! LOL~

The showcase was held on 26th June 2010 at KL Live and full with wild & crazy fangirls screaming for the boys.LOL~ as expected from Malaysia fans XD I arrived there at 5:00pm straight from 1Utama because I went shopping with my parents(yes I am now the only child in the family coz all my younger siblings are at boarding school & college >.<). When I reach there, already saw a long line of girls waiting to enter the venue, But since Naza hasn't reach there yet, I waited for her at the bus stop in front of the building. 10 minutes later she came and we go straight to the queue line. But her tickets were not with her because she was supposed to pick them up on that day from Korea Plaza Booth. Korea Plaza informed her that the booth will be opened at 6pm but she only get her tix around 7pm.

I think we queued until 8pm when the securities let us in. The situation was really bad when waiting to get in because 35 fans fainted and it was really chaotic. The organiser was not organised at all and some securities were really mean to the fans >.<

When we got in, we need to wait another 30 mins just to see B2ST perform. Actually I'm not really a fan but I know 3 of their famous songs..LOL~ While waiting for them to come out, they showed us B2ST's MV and also 4Minute's MV. I think there's a possibility of 4Minute to visit Malaysia soon because when they showed us the MV, all the fans keep singing together even though they're coming for B2ST :)

Afte 30 mins, BAMMED! the boys came out and all the fangirls went crazy!!! I was in the middle and somehow I was pushed to the left side of the stage. Pretty SCARY!! O_O

Beast - Mystery

Beast - Shock

All I can say is, I enjoyed their performances but some of the fans were annoying as hell!seriously I'm not making this up. Some fans keep screaming nonsense at my left ear (my left ear got ok the next day coz I can barely hear anything on that night) and some keep holding my shoulders..IT WAS HELL!! >.<

Anyway thanks Naza for giving me this unforgettable experience :)

ps: DooJoon is wayyyy hotter in real life XD..and sorry for the crappy pic quality.i was using handphone XD

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