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Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm soooo going to MTV World Stage in Malaysia 2010 !!

My wish came true..finally the Wonder Girls will be coming to our country for MTV World Stage!! WOOOT!!

It's been a month since I've tried looking for Junior & Bee at to win exclusive passes for the concert and I managed to find Junior 2 times!That means I got 4 normal passes for the event! But until today, only a pair reached safely at my house. Still waiting for that another pair :(

So, excited for the event, me & my dongsengs Naza & AJ went to Sunway Pyramid last week for the MTV World Stage roadshow hosted by VJ Utt. There we managed to grab a few X-Zone passes when we reloaded our Xpax. Each of us got a pair and since we didnt bring lots of money, we cannot help other people that really wanted the passes :(  Anyway, my dongseng Naza managed to win a Meet & Greet with the Wonder Girls!! How awesome is that?I'm really happy for her ^_^

Update Passes with me : 2 X-Zone, 2 Normal

Since the next day I cant come to that place again( I was at grandmother's house in Negeri Sembilan), I asked a few friends to help out buy the passes but they're too busy to entertain me. So  I asked my dongseng AJ if she's going to Sunway Pyramid again. She said her friend will try to help. Her friend managed to reload RM50 and I was sure I'm going to get the X-Zone passes but they're sold out already!I just know that the passes that I got were the normal ones when someone on twitter said people got normal passes instead of X-Zone.Sigh~ let it be Balqis..let it least you can sell the passes ^_^

Update Passes:
- With Me : 2 X-Zone, 2 Normal
- With Friend : 2 Normal

Now last Friday when I was in the LRT, I got this FB message  from a Wonderful named Jauharah saying that I just won the Post-Party of MTV World Stage!!I was really excited that I couldnt wait to reach home :D Then quickly I on my laptop and went to Sony Ericsson Malaysia's facebook page..and then I saw this :

WOOHOOO!!! I'm the only Malay on the list that won!! XD Sony Ericsson held a contest a few weeks ago where fans need to answer 4 questions and make a slogan about the Wonder Girls. I managed to do them in 15 secs and I was at 7th place. Wow I wonder how many seconds the 1st person managed to do..anyway I was really excited that I think I went to sleep that night smiling like a fool.HAHAHA~~

Update Passes :
-With Me : 2 X-Zone , 2 Normal
- With friend : 2 Normal
- With Sony Ericsson : 2 Normal + 2 Post Party

Now I'm waiting for the XPAX contest that they held on Facebook.Hopefully I could win another X-Zone pass for my friend :)

And I'm still trying other contests to win the Meet & Greet with the Wonder Girls. Damn I really want to meet them up close and see how tall & skinny are they XD

My advice to you guys is; just enter as many contests as possible coz we'll never know our luck ^_^

See you at Sunway Lagoon this 31st July!!


  1. I also wanna go. T__T

  2. win la passes.very easy maa :D

  3. my bro got the free ticket... only one... sigh!!

  4. eh how come only 1?usually they give a pair..

  5. cool.. enjoy the night! =)