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Friday, March 16, 2007

Holiday in PD..PD lagi..

last Saturday till Monday my family and me went to Port Dickson cos of the school holiday..ok ok i ponteng the monday class..besides, there's only 1 class..hehe..We went to Ancasa All-Suites ke ape namenye..we booked 3 apartments..the view kinda ok laa..inside the apartment pon ok laa..the only problem is the living room got no air-cond so we bukak la the kipas to the max speed..hehe..but oklaa..the air-cond from the nearby room kinda kuat..merasela gak air-cond in the living room..

The first night tu we had a BBQ dinner on the beach..BESTTTT giler..byk la gak makanan..we had chicken, steak, lamb, potato, salad and pasta(kinda like creamy carbonara)..i had a lot that night..dunno how many kilos i had gained..hehe..

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant..the menu kinda ok laa..and the service was also good..but the menu for the breakfast for the next day was also the same..the only thing that different is there's "Eggs Booth"..the person who's in charge named rudy(haha..sounds like my cousin's name!)..i think the only style to cook eggs that he knew is only buat omelette..bcos i asked him to make me a scrambled egg(telur hancur) but..he was like blur or i juz ordered omelette je..thank God he is xde la marah sangat..btw..he's from indonesia..hehe..

The second day tu we made a telematch games la..for adults and also for kids..we really had fun on dat day..

The last day we went to the ostrich farm near the was kinda small laa..and the ostrichs were really scary!!macam nak patuk orang seyh!lapar ke ape x tau laa..after dat we went to the X-trail park to play of cos la main kan..even the mak-mak pon main tau..minus my granny mak ngah drove really fast!!really amazing!! mother lak..well let's just say that she was bersiar-siar with the go-cart(if u know what i mean!hehe)..
after go-carting..everyone pon ape lagi..go home laa..hehe..but then we met again at RnR Seremban..jumpe lagi!hehe..

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