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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Oh my God!!I juz met Nicol David 2 hours before she went to the women's squash final earlier today at Berjaya Times Square's Starbucks..I still can't believe I finally meet my idol!!

Before accidentally bumped into her, my mum,sis,cousin->mubin and me was at the Golden Screen Cinemas watching Yasmin Ahmad's "Mukhsin"'s a really interesting movie about a young girl named Orked and a boy named Mukhsin..The 2 kids really have the talents in acting..overall i think this movie is superb!i mean..maybe sometimes there's a scene or two that's really boring but they're a lot scenes with maksud yg mendalam or tersirat..i dunno how to put it laa..i really LOVE the scenery in the movie..mendamaikan..menenangkan hati..aman..kinda like that laa..some of the watak were really funny..for example: Abah and Ayu(the girl who likes to play kawen2..hehe) was worth it la to watch it in the cinema..usually i juz watch malay movies on tv..hehe..i think this is the 4th malay movie i watched in the cinema..bukan la x nak menolong industri filem malaysia but...a LOT of malay movies were SAMPAH!!juz look at Razak Mohaiden's movies..anak mami laa..mami jarum laa..nana tanjung laa..berlakon lak watak cam orang bodoh..pastu kate orang malaysia memang suke filem2 bodoh camtu..wat a stupid PROF.(camne leh dapat prof. pon x tau..x bertauliah langsung!) lak..heheh..

OKla..sambung balik pasal Nicol David tadi..we stumbled upon Nicol while we were on the way to the food court..juz kuar from the panggung..and then my mum said she saw Nicol David tengah bayar something to the cashier at Starbucks..I teringat yg my sis brought her handphone/camera so I ajak la my family to take some pictures with her..She was alone at that time and nobody kerumun kitorang pon beramah
mesra la dgn dia..She's really peramah and friendly..xde pon nampak muka orang sombong..i was kinda like starstruck la at the time..I said sorry to her la sebab kinda kacau her free time..she simply replied.."oh,that's okay" cute laa..sempat lak she asked me why we went to the Times Square..for the rollercoaster or juz for the movie..i said for the movie sis said Nicol has juz mandi coz she can smell the soap..haha..but before that,lebih kurang at 11.45 a.m, we watched her berlatih with her trainer/coach at the gelanggang..i never thought that we would actually meet her in person..i'm really glad that we went to the Berjaya Times Square today!!


  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    hey..dier gune slipar jepon da...

  2. i'm so jealous siot! hmmm..if I had the chance..I would love to get pictured together with...Wentworth Miller..wait,Mike Shinoda...hmm...Rain! Lol.