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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weird but true...

Last Monday was the first exam day..the subject? "TEKNIK PEMPROSESAN

BAHASA"..remember Mr Phang's class? was not an easy subject ok..matila

result sem 2 ni..huhu..but I'm not going to tell you guys about the exam's's about wat happened AFTER the exam..

The exam finished at 2 o'clock.After eating,solat and etc..I juz felt really

ngantuk laa..biasela tuu..after exam sume orang pon mesti I juz baring

2 la on the bed..after that..TIDOR la pe lagi!!hehehe..

Bangun2 jek dah pkul 7.10!! I was kinda confused at that time coz I thought it was

already 7.10 A.M.!!I pon rushed la bangun nak pegi sembahyang subuh ni..last2 tgk

balik jam..baru pukul 7.10 p.m. laa...I felt really weird coz somehow I thought I

slept for over 12 hours..giler ar!!dahla time tu gelap giler..coz before that huja

n kinda lebat laa..seb baik x tersalah...huhu..


  1. nabihah_a49:28 PM

    balqis bengoongg!!
    i used 2 experience dat kind of bengong moment dulu2 ah

  2. haha..siot je kan?hahaaa...