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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 weeks in Tg.Malim...

hoho..bosan siot!!for the past two weeks i've been in UPSI,Tg. Malim for User Acceptance Test(UAT).Well..not exactly 2 weeks but only 8 days(weekdays only maa)..For me,I'd rather be staying at my hometown in Tampin compared to Tg. Malim..the town is kinda small..more like pekan koboi..huhu..there's no big supermarket like The Store or shops like that..only kedai kecik2..i'm not insulting the town but to me it's really bored me ar..huhu..sorry k but dat is only my opinion..hehhee..the only thing i love here is the Pau..haha..the famous Pau Tg. Malim..memang sedap..hmmmm..sampai my mum asked me to buy the frozen one!!huhu..

There,I stayed at Hotel Sahara Inn near the UPSI's hostel at Ulu Bernam..well,the kemudahan were quite OK ar..they got aircond,water heater,tv and even WiFi!!thank God ade xde ar bosan giler..huhu..

Doing the UAT was really stressing me out..not only I have to climb up and down the stairs but also have to layan the UPSI staffs and the students..huhu..geram gak kadang2..rase cam nak cepuk je..huhu..the WiFi there was really bad..dunno wat's the problem..nak wat testing pon leceh..the food they served at the KHAR's cafe were ok ok je..I like UKM's food better!!yeaah UKM!!A lot of girls' house were quite OK..only some house je yg x brape nak terurus kaedahnye..but the guys' house...huhu..really menyedihkan ar..a lot of them smells...ewwww..dengan bau rokoknye..bau masam..huhu..wat an experience!!but I noticed that the houses wif budak2 skema mmg OK ar..juz nice..kinda like the girls' houses...they r a few students yg cam nak marah coz the WiFi provided to them has many problems..many of them can't connect to the network..huhu..nasebla korang..hahhaa...

Every morning I ate at the mapley under the hotel..why??huhu..because there are breakfast coupons provided by the hotel..max RM5..hahaha..I dunno why I thought it was kinda funny..hehe..almost all the roti I have tried out..huhu..sampai kadang2 x tau nak makan ape dah..pastu minum teh O..teh tarik..nescafe..huhu..borink gak asyik minum/makan bende yg same tetiap least I had breakfast..huhu..

the first week sempat seyh g air terjun bagai..hehe..this is all the guys' idea ar..the girls only ikut nak tengok that place jer..mentang2 laa abes keje cepat on dat day..hehe...We went to Kalumpang waterfall..well..not exactly THE air terjun..more like sungai..hehe..siap ade jambatan dowh!kinda ok ar for relaxing..sejuk je..

well..overall..I think Tg. Malim was quite ok ar..not too boring..juz ok ok ar..I'm juz thinking bile government nak majukan dis place..huhu..peace out!

some pics courtesy of Rozana..hehe..


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Hehhehehe..Best nye pngalaman kje ko. Eh, jgn cepuk , anak org tuh..Eh, ade nmpak muke cam aq tak? hehehhehe...tetibe la plak ko jmpe twin aq ke...hehehhehe..

    wei..agak2la..Siap pi air terjun. X ajak aq lak tuh..Uwaa....

  2. Woah! what a cool vacation! nak ikut,nak ikut! lol.

    mesti besh kan makan kat mapley? lol.
    gosh,dah lama tak gi mandi kat air terjun!

    anyways,happy merdeka girl!

  3. vacation mende!!!!

  4. bell...anonymous tuh aq tau..lupe nk mention..hikhik..hik.. kiyo