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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Walkman phone!!

After waiting for a month..I finally own this baby!!I bought this last father actually yg belikan..I juz gave him the money..hehe..well..I really miss my SE W300i coz I juz bought them last year before it was tercicir in a cab..huhu..cayangnyeeeee!!!!sedey!!!!dahla it was my first flip phone!huhu...

Well..back to the topic..this W610i,obviously it's not a flip phone..some of its' functions are :

>> Camera 2.0 MP
>> MP3 Player
>> Radio
>> Bluetooth & Infrared
>> TrackID


  1. Woah..cantik siot! What dya think of Apple's new phone?

  2. Do you mean IPhone??Cool seyh..but x sampai lagi kat malaysia..

  3. yeah..IPhone..when la nak sampai..huhuhu..

  4. next year baru sampai kot..x pon late this year..touchscreen tuuu....

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Waahhh....kau bell..Mmg kaya.Aq lak kayap wei..Siap beli enset baru. U name it baby..Aq igt ko dh ade baby ke..hehhehehe

  6. ceh..poyonye cik kiyo..jadi anonymous lak..hehhe..mane ade baby..calon laki pon xde lagi..hahaha

  7. Anonymous8:31 PM

    isk3..kaya2 n kayap2 kawan2 ak nih.. sorang beli hp baru..sorg lagi dah x main dh laptop cap ayam,campak jea kat longkang.. laptop baru dah.. huaaa.. ak sorg jea,hp yg lama n desktop yg lama.x upgrade2

  8. sapekah gerangan cik anony di atas?adekah cik tkah?heheh