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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yummy Yummy!!

Last Sunday,my family n me(wel..except my bro of coz!) went to Subang Jaya tu try the Singapore's food at Victory Restaurant..Well,I have a high expectation for the restaurant coz I've been informed that the owner of the restaurant is from Singapore.Do you know that it is one of the famous mamak restaurant at Arab Street,Singapore??Another famous restaurant there besides Victory is family n me always go there when we're in Sinapore..although kalo convert duit Malaysia to Singapore Dollar jadi double..huhu..what the heck!all the food taste good!!

Okay..back to the Victory Restaurant..I've noticed that the place is not strategic enough.Maybe it is one of the reason why the restaurant is not crowded with people.We reached there at 3 pm.It's kinda kosong..only a couple of table are occupied.Then we sit laa..only to found out that the famous sup tulang merah dah abes..and all the goreng2 also xde because the cook went for rehat..huhu..geram seyh..dahla rehat from 2 pm until 5 pm!!lame tuu..adehh..xkan nak makan briyani n murtabak only..huhu..while sitting at the table..i saw my uncle Nahar n his family heading for the same mesti pasal that night before my mum ade bagitau him that we r going to the restaurant the next day..huhu..wat a coincidence!!

But my family n me felt that it's a waste if we r only eating murtabak n the we decided to go to Carrefour to buy some groceries.Barang dapur kat umah dah abes!!hahaha..My uncle lak decided to stay n eat coz he have some matters in Shah Alam..

So we went to Carrefour Subang's kinda jauh from the restaurant..huhu..maybe because of the traffic jam ler so i felt cam lama..hehe..the carrefour there is big..but not as big as Carrefour Wangsa Maju of coz!!huhu..

After we went shooping..we went again to the restaurant..Thank God that the cook is already there..Sup Tulang Merah pon still panas..baru buat katanye..excitedly..all of us ordered >> Sup Tulang Merah,Beef Murtabak,Mee Goreng Singapore,Mee Kuah and Briyani Daging..hoho..banyaknye!!yummy yummy!!

The Sup Tulang Merah I tasted really good!kinda like Arab Street's Sup Tulang..besh besh!!Then I tasted Murtabak..also like the murtabak I used to eat while in Singapore!!yummy yummy!!Mee Goreng Singapore N Briyani Daging also good!!Juz like in Singapore!!huhu..but the Mee Kuah kinda tasted like Mee Bandung..Singapore's Mee Kuah tastes different from Mee Bandung..It's more pekat and red!!huhu..what a turn-off..In case you are wondering how the food like..juz imagine that all of them are RED!well..except for Murtabak and Briyani of coz..hehehe..I'll be posting the pictures wait!!hehe...


  1. mana tulis jea kat blog..bwk ar geng zaba makan kat sana..belanja skali mesti super duper sedap..huhuks

  2. manyak cantek...soh bihah ler blanje..hehe...

    gambar dah upload ler makcik!haha...