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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Last Saturday I went out wif Tekah to the Times Square..well..the truth was..wif Pija and Nana too..but something came up and they couldn't make it..well..tinggal tekah and me only maa...i reached there at 11.15 kot..kene wait for tekah lak..ramai orang kat kaunter monorail she sampai a bit late laa..maybe dalam 11.40 kot..huhu..ntahlaa..x sure lak..tekah plz confirm this!ahaks!

While waiting for Tekah..i went to Sony's shop..wahhhhh!!!best dowh tengok all the gadgets!!wanna have one of the camcorders!!the laptops!!the accessories!!wahhhh bestnyee.....then suddenly i had a call from tekah.."bell..ko kat mane ni?"..huhu..kaco la tekah ni..baru je nak layan all the cool gadgets..huhu..bestnye kalo dapat!!then we discussed ler nak pegi mane..then si tekah came wif the idea to watch the movie : Ratatouille..
ok la gak..kesian kat tekah..dah lame MENGIDAM too watch this movie..hehehe..yelaa..sume kinda i the one yg not bz?hehe..sekali time kat counter,tengok2 the tix for 2.20 already sold out..tinggal only the most front seats..gile ape nak dongak for almost 2 hours!!huhu..then we decided to for premier tix..this is my 2nd time membazir duit for premier..last time it was Rush Hour 3 wif Ayeshah..tapi mmg best la seat die..bole pon lebar..leh bersila kat seat tu!ahaks!then the people in there also x ramai la..tu yg cam tenang sket..huhu..if u want some food u can order them and the waiter will bring them to kan?hehe..of coz ler the tix's price is much higher..if u r watching in the weekend : RM17..ahaks!

For those who want to know what Rataouille is all I pasted it's synopsis..hehe..

Remy is a rat, constantly risking life in an expensive French restaurant because of his love of good food, as well as a desire to become a chef. Yet, obviously, this is a rather tough dream for a rat. But opportunity knocks when a young boy, who desperately needs to keep his job at the restaurant, despite his lack of cooking abilities, discovers and partners the young Remy. Its up to the two of them to avoid the insane head chef, bring the rest of Remy's family up to his standards, win his partner a girl, and, of course, produce the finest Ratatouille in all of France.

Overall I found this movie quite interesting..well..all the colors..the characters' face expressions were good..memang best ler!huhu....

Before watching the movie,tekah and me went searching for pizza hut at TS and Sg.Wang but couldn't find any..huuh..sedeynye..almaklumlaa si tekah x makan food court's food..ahaks!sorry tekah!juz kidding!so I suggested that we eat at Nando's..thank God she can eats there!ahaks...There,both of us ordered 1/4 Chicken wif 2 side dishes and shared an ice lemon tea coz bole budget weyy!!hehe..

After eating there,we went to the Lot 10 to solat coz the surau there x ramai orang..hehe..then after solat we rushed to the TS to watch ratatoille..dahla lambat masuk..the movie already started and we had problem finding our seat...we asked help from one of the waiter..padanlaa..ade stooopid arabians ke pakistanis ke yg duduk kat our seats..bodosss!!nyusahkan orang je..seb baik ler si waiter to soh dak2 arab ke pakistan tu soh dok tempat die..huhu..seb baek!

2 hours later...we went to Low Yat to buy some stuff..well..actually tekah yg want to buy something..a pendrive kot..huhu..after that we baliklaa..ape lagi!!hehe...the end..ahaks!

ps: do u guys know that "ratatouille" is actually a food?hehe..

Ratatouille wif Italian Sausages


  1. Woah! you guys mmg makan Ratatouille lah ni? Mcm sedap jer..(tgh lapor,dah lama tak makan kat Nando's wehh...

    Honestly,dah lama I tak tgk this genre of movies,the last time I watch a movie was..yesterday (LOTR:The return of the king)! blimey..Have u seen it? Just nak tanya ^^

    p/s:takde funny experience masa tgk movie tuh?

  2. mane ade makan ratatouille..huhu..makan kat nando's ler..hehe..yg pic ratatouille tu cilok kat tenet..heheh

  3. Cehhh! Aku telah terpedaya

  4. x minat ler LOTR..huhu..yg third x tengok..juz yg 1 n 2 je..itu pun tengok dvd kat umah..ehehe..

    ps:wat do u mean funny experience?

  5. well,funny experience as in anything funny/weird happened while u guys watching the movie?

    p/s:I was laughing while reading ur post..especially the word "bodoss..."

  6. xde la sampai weird..biase je..hehe..

  7. Anonymous5:46 PM

    seronok la kuar ngn ko..
    lain kali kite kua lagi yek..

    p/s: ak pn xtau pkul brape ak sampai..

  8. dh lame x jumpe ko. Nampak muka ko tuh, aq rase ko dh mkin...makin tembam..hikhikhik..anyway, ko makin comel..

  9. hah.. tembam..kiyo apa nie..tidakkk!!! xper2.. sem depan ko mesti dh x kenal ak..kurus bangat..huhukss