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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What a cutie!!

Juz look at this cute of my colleage at Jaring ; kak Farah bought this at Low Yat last kot..ntah laa..yg oenting last weekend..hahha..The reason she bought it bcoz she often felt hot laa..maybe because the aircond in our area kadang di'off'kan by some people..sian kak Farah..dahla she's pregnant..thank God la she found this cute fan..hehe..nampak je kecik tapi power seyh!!by the way,this fan uses USB..x ingat la brape hengget..but dalam rm30 ke atas kot..


  1. ada kaler lain tak?

  2. dunno laa..u kene round2 area lowyat la kalo jumpe..hehe