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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aidilfitri @ Tampin,Negeri Sembilan

Last Saturday(13/10/07), my family and me went to my mother's village at Tampin,Negeri Sembilan to celebrate the Aidilfitri with my granny..Juz like every year, my granny will hold a kenduri to celebrate the Aidilfitri after the Aildilfitri prayer..unlike this year,I wasn't able to attend the kenduri coz this year my dad decided that we spend the morning at our home in Pandan Indah.We only bertolak from our home at 12 brother droves the car..hehe..suspen gak..haha..but oklaa..although we met a little accident,it's only a bro glabah skejap la..hehe..we arrived at Tampin lebih kurang at 3 pm la coz of the traffic jam at the toll booths..

Later,we went to visit some of our relatives there such as Nek Ngah Bedah,Nek Ulu,Nek Induk,Wan Normah,and also Tok Lang.Dapatla gak angpow Rm2 every house..but ade gak umah yg bagi rm10..wah..if only all the of them gave rm10!bestnye!!!hehe..Besides that, we also went to the cemetary to visit our late grandpa,great-grandma also other relatives there..Here are some pics that I've taken on that day..

~ My little cousin;Henna ~

~ At cemetary ~

~ My Grandpa's grave ~

~ At Nek Induk's house ~

~ At Nek Ulu's house ~

~ At Wan Normah's house ~

that's all folks!!hehe...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


  1. Salam raya to bell.Woww...tukar dh blog layout. ape tema raya taun nih. Nmpak cm purple je sume..hehehe...maaf zahir batin..

  2. bukan purple la cik kiyo..kaler grey tahun ni..ahaks!

  3. Woah,ur brother drives?? Can he be my driving tutor? Lol.