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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Amazing Race 2 has started!!

And the winner for the 1st leg is none other than Malaysia's Chong sisters; Pam and Vanessa !! I never actually thought that they will be doing so well in the 1st leg but they surprised me! When looking at them for the first time, I was like, maybe the producers love them coz they're pretty and also because they're Vince Chong's sisters..hehe..I was wrong!The 1st leg proves that they're really deserve to be in TARA 2..they even ate the balut like eating a plain hard-boiled egg!!way to go girls!and they even beat local team from the Philippines; Mark and Rovilson !! Unbelievable!The 1st leg started off at Singapore and the pit stop was at the Philippines..can't wait for the next leg..another Malaysia's team;Diane/Ann managed to grab the 3rd place!!well done girls!juz wanna wish team Malaysia; Pam/Vanessa and Diane/Ann gud luck for the next leg!
Pam & Vanessa

Ann & Diane

**balut is a local delicacy from the's actually a fertilized egg with a partially developed duckling, which is eaten boiled **

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