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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jaring's Majlis Silaturrahim Aidilfitri

Yesterday was Jaring's Majlis Silaturrahim Aidilfitri or Jaring's Open House, to celebrate the Eid Mubarak with customers and the was held at parking area near the Jaring building and started from 12 pm onwards..well,to be precise,for customers starting from 12 pm and for the staffs at 4.30 pm..huhu..actually i went there at 4 pm coz the kakak2 asked me to join them..they said at 4.30 there'll be a lot of people and you might not get a i juz went along with them..

There were a lot of food!!there're satay..roasted lamb..salad..nasi hujan panas(something like nasi minyak but with color)..lemang..serunding..murtabak..roti boom..fried spaghetti..rojak buah..pasembor..laksa johor..cakes..chicken curry..ayam masak merah..rendang..fried noodles..and also some kuih raya(raya cakes)..

Gosh...i was really full yesterday...hehe..Here are some of the pics....

~ Some of the food booth ~


Fried Noodles

~ The stage performances ~

~ Jaring's CEO,Dr. MAL,giving away duit raya to the orphans ~

~ With Kak Siti ~

~ With Zana, practical trainee from Unimas~


  1. Nak murtabak satuuuuuu!!!

  2. hello bell...
    i love your pics..
    i love the cutout frame..

    btw, hope to get to know you better too...