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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wat a worst way to start a day!!

I was really pissed off by today's LRT and cabs!!aigooo...

when I was on my way to the LRT station,there were really few cabs and mostly occupied..huhu..usually there are a lot of empty cab at the same time..after waiting for almost 10 mins,I managed to get a cab!but..the driver drove it like a 90-year old granpa!gosh..I was really annoyed..

At the LRT station,the LRT came by at the right time...but the LRT driver waited for a few minutes each stations..I was really damn mad coz for sure I will reach the office late!

After the 25 mins journey, I reached Bukit Jalil...then waited for any cab to show up but there were really few..thank God there was an empty I rushed in and reached the office at 8.40 mins..I tot I'm the only one late,fortunately there were a few people dat late too..haha!!


  1. Hehehhee...Bell, lenkali kuar umah awal.. biar smpai ofis awal pun , xpe.. Ko bleh bkak gate ofis ko..hehe

  2. slalu kuar lambat byk je bas..lrt pon laju je..xde tersengguk sengguk..arini bile kuar awal lak macam2 bende jadi..huhuhu..