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Monday, December 17, 2007

What a weekend!!

It was kinda a busy weekend to me last weekend..huhu..from Friday till Sunday,there's no relax day for me..huhu..

**Friday, 14/12/07**

Last Friday, I went out with my skool bestfriends to watch a movie at Berjaya Times Square(BTS), KL. As I expected, I was the 'late one'
to arrive at LRT Cempaka ( LRT station where we were supposed to meet excluding Basa)..hehe..sorry Fatin n Ayeshah! Bianeyo!! At least I'm not as late as Basariah!hahaha..

When we arrived at BTS, we headed to Borders to wait for Basa and also juz to look for interesting books..Ayeshah as usual headed to music books section while Fatin and me juz looking around..I found really interesting local book written by Lydia Teh entitled "Honk! If You're Malaysian"..I've never read a local book that's really interesting as this book.Actually I wanted to buy the book after watching movie but I had forgotten about it..ahaks..sorry Lydia Teh!hehe..

After almost 1/2 hour waiting for Basa at Borders, Basa finally arrived..At that time, Fatin and me were reading some books at the sofa provided..Ayeshah was missing somewhere..ahaks! So we looked for Ayeshah and found her sitting on the floor!!reading a book..ahaks! juz look at the picture below!hahhaa...

Then, we headed to GSC Cinema to buy tickets for the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Movie" and found out the tickets for 1.00 pm show has sold out. So we decided to watch the show at 2.30 pm. Later we went to Kenny Rogers Roasters to have our lunch there..It was 12.30 at that time. SO we juz took our time eating and chatting to spend the time.

After that, Fatin and me went to the surau to perform our Zohor prayers before watching the movie..As usual, Ayeshah and Basa went window shopping while waiting for us..ahaks!Before entering GSC, Ayeshah still has time for shoe-window-shopping!ahaks!we entered the cinema 5 minutes late from the show's that time, almost all the seats were filled..fortunately the movie hasn't started yet!!What I hated were the numbers of advertisements shown before the movie!!I think nearly 10 mins we spent in the cinema juz for watching the adverts! "Alvin and The Chipmunks The Movie " was really entertaining!! full of cute scenes and also some funny moments by the chipmunks! and not to mention they're really cute to watch! I really recommend you guys to watch this movie!really entertaining..

After almost 2 hours in the cinema, we then juz hanging out, window shopping some of the shops there..well,to be exact,mostly shoe shops!why?ask ayeshah..haha..There's a huge christmas tree at the mall's lobby which really nice to look at..although it's not as tall as KLCC's christmas tree, this tree looked more beautiful than the KLCC's.

~ From left; Ayeshah, Fatin, Basariah and me ~

After a few hours hanging out at BTS, we decided to go home coz Fatin sibuk want to go home while Ayeshah wanted to gome a little late..ahahaha..Finally, we went home at 7.00 pm..ahaks!

** Saturday, 15/12/07 **

Resume driving lessons after months on hold due to my "busy"ness with Uni's homeworks,assignments,projects and also industrial training(practical) ..huhu..started at 10.00 am and ended at 12.45..Arrived home at 2.00 pm coz of the traffic..huhu..still suck at the "hill test"..aigoooo!!!tension tension tension!!! :(

Later that night, I found out that my beloved grandma has been admitted to Sg. Buloh Hospital due to kidney problems.Really worried about her..huhu..
** Sunday, 16/12/07 **
I was supposed to continue my 4th driving lessons today but I decided to go visit my grandma instead..My aunt SMSed me saying that my grandma will be transferred to Selayang Hospital because there's no kidney specialist at Sg. Buloh Hospital..huhu..almost all my mom's siblings were there..only my Singaporean aunt and my uncle Nahar(outstation at Jeddah) were not present...really happy to meet them..juz wanna wish my grandma to get well soon..Amin...


wat a busy weekend I had..huhu..juz hoping to get some time to rest this week... :)

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  1. Why-la you didn't buy the book :( Tak apa, you can still do it on another trip to bookstore! Happy new year.

  2. I've already bought it!yeay!!

  3. Yay and thanks. Hope you like it.

  4. I miss u guys loo

  5. i really luv it!nice!

    ps:yana..miss u too!