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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Passport Finally!

Finally I have a new passport!!Well, before this I only had a limited passport(Singapore-Malaysia) and also tumpang my mother's passport(i've not been to overseas for almost 12 years!!the last time I went to a foreign country was Indonesia at the age of 10!haha!)..

well,it's not really hard to make a passport nowadays 'cause it'll take you only 3 hours max!and also u need to pay RM300 for that..huhu..the only thing that I hate about my new passport is my picture..not because I'm ugly or something like that, but because the immigration somehow edited the picture so that it's bigger and easier to look at(I think!) now my picture looks like a Humpty Dumpty!!huhu!!but I really think that all the people who made their passports there will look juz like a Humpty Dumpty!!haha!!

I'm really hoping to fly to any foreign country this year and also hope that my dad get a bonus so that we could go on a holiday!hehe...

~ Waiting patiently at Wangsa Maju's Immigration Office ~

ps: i'm going to Pangkor Island this Chinese New Year!!

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