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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The BenGongs Tee!!

in case if u are wondering what is "The Bengongs", it is actually an informal Malay word for "silly"..well..kinda..i think..haha..

This is the tee dat 6 of us's kinda cute,don't you think?well,there is a number at the sleeve which each different number (from 1 - 6) represents the 6 of us..brilliant idea isn't it?mine is 3 coz i've been associated with number 3 a lot! birthday is on the 30th of March(3)..this tee in the pics actually bihah's coz mine was left at my Uni..haha..

[the front]

[the back]

kawaii neh?!


  1. nabihah_a41:49 AM

    comel2...aku suke!!

    what we designed, what we drew, color choosing, time spent and EVERYTHING MEANT A LOT!

    p/s: aku siap paparkn my lucky number lg tu ~4~ hahaha tetibe je..
    xtau ape yg GEMILANG sgt no tu?! wakaka.... sbb a4 kah? hahaha

    jgn salah paham, bkn kertas a4 yee :p

  2. sungguh kawaiii kan..

    thank God ade saiz!hahaha!!

    ade ape ngan 4??kertas a4?hahaha

  3. nabihah_a42:13 AM

    ni nak promote lg neh hohoho...

    a4 tu actually stands for august 4 which is MY BIRTHDAY!!

    to anyone who's wondering what does that mean atau ke xde yg wonder pon huh~ wonder girls btol laa whuahahahaaha :D

  4. tau laa...saje je meWonderkan diri jer..hahaa...

    juz fyi:
    **Wonder Girls will be releasing their new stuff in the late May or in June**

  5. Wah! I'm sooo <3 your tees! Kiut seyh..nak satu! Haahhahahah...just kidding. ^-^

  6. pomot bday plak bha. seb bek ko da beli kipas portable ko smlm. kalo x, bday taun ni, ak bg ko kipas je bha. haha.
    ak pon bnyk gak terassociate ngn no. 3 tp bell da amek. ak relakan jela. bday ak 31st mac ye tuan2 dan puan2. so, no. tshirt ak no. 6. mebi ak akn ade 6 boypren nnti kot. hahaha