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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why can't people understands?

I really hate it when people depends too much on me & think that they can ask me to do anything for them. If I said NO then it is a NO! Why can't people understand that? This is what happened when we being nice to them. They tend to think that they can order us to do everything for them!It's like we gave and gave but we got nothing in return. >.<

When I gave any info or tutorial, check them out first instead of asking me this, asking me that.It's okay to ask if the info wasn't stated in the site/tutorial. If you really want something work hard for it instead of waiting for someone to give you. I'm tired,really...I'm tired of being the nice girl.. :(

*PS to WonderFuls;

- don't call yourself a WonderFul if you can't support all 5 of them.
- just because WG isn't active in Korea, doesn't mean that they are not popular!
- I wonder why is it so hard to gather WonderFuls to contribute for any projects for the Wonder Girls?
- if we post any Wonder Girls stuff on youtube,, or any wg site,can't you at least comment or say "thank you" on the post? we really think that you guys didn't appreciate our work. WE DO HAVE A LIFE, OK?!

Please understand US!


  1. *hugs* Ish3..persetankan orang-orang macam tuh..I guess you'd have to be a lil bit what I mean? :)

  2. i know..but seriously i was like dalam dilema..huhu..i dont want them to hate me if i became really strict..

    so how?anyway thanks for the advice!^.^

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Salam bell... An emo entry.. hehehe... By the way, gdlak in ur life.. Yee..ko kne strict sket, mcm aku nih...hahah

  4. How you ask?
    Well,just be the usual nice girl,tapi just implement some strict,easy-to-follow rules for them ;)

  5. hoho..emo entry
    nyway, good for ur health
    take care

  6. I hate people............ using you for being too nice. Thank you unni for all the hardwork.....

    I hate the fact that we share news and they don't even leave a comment.. jeesh