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Thursday, January 07, 2010

No Bihah, No More..

Nope it's not JYP's latest song..just another lame title that i can think of.haha~~ what i meant is my friend; Bihah, is no longer in Malaysia..haha..and yes, she's still alive XD .

it was only a month ago that she told us that she's going away to US to pursue her studies..i was kinda mad at first that she didn't tell us sooner since we got only like a week to hang out and all. and i got no time to prepare any farewell gift for her. BOO! lol~

so, we made a last minute gathering, all 6 of us : "the Bengongs" , at the Curve Damansara. actually most of them took a leave from work since it's Monday and coz there's not toooo many people there.hahaha~ kantoi! we went around from Ikea-Curve-Ikano-Curve-Ikea since we pretty much can't decide where to go.haha~

Eyda & me went together with her new car,while Tekah came with Aireen & another couple; Ain & Bihah came together. it was kinda funny that Bihah was the one who gave us presents, although she's the one who's going away.haha~ we were so bad that we didn't prepare anything for her.well,except Eyda coz she gave her a journal XD. enough ranting, just let the pics say it all..LOL

Bihan & Ain

Eyda singing "Nobody nobody but chu~" haha XD

Aireen laughing at Eyda's "control cun" pose.LOL!

Tekah is bored? XD

Don't let the paper bag fools you.keke~

urm..i dunno what was Ain doing.. *thinks*

err..let me guess..Ain..loves to dance?haha~

Eyda trying to look like a pro photographer? XP

Eyda: "Ugly pics!Delete!Delete!"

Ain showing Aireen the correct way to wear a cap. XD

the no-longer-in-Malaysia-friend; Bihah, looking at the journal Eyda bought for her.

Tekah is thinking how much calories in the food.haha~

Swedish food!!

look at Tekah & Eyda's mouth.HAHA!

Ain added creamer to her Coke O__O

Ain is scared watching Aireen cutting the chicken. XD

papamamarazzi XD

Christmas under water in Ikano!

Jablai? LOL

Michin people..keke~

Sepet! XD

< More pics at my [ FB ] >

Gonna miss you, Bihah!! ^_^

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