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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Devils

just because they're soooo naughty! LOL!! the 1-month & 2 weeks old kittens, RAIN(boy),RAINBOW, SNOW & STORM..I basically named them based on nature since I got no inspiration at all , haha~

Rain :"huh?"

the only boy, Rain

Mummy's Little Girl, Snow

the most hyper & the skinniest, Storm

Rainbow : "I can lick my nose"


Play time!!

Cute, right? XD


  1. Rain..the name puts a smile on my face cos it does reminds me of that certain ninja assassin :P

    By the way,it's been a long time since I play around with real-life plushies..dorang mesti gebu-gebu,kan?

  2. only 3 are gebu.the black one really kurus la..she only minum

    they're really hyper la, penat main.haha

    i didnt even think of the Rain when i name them. XD

  3. Siannyer..but it's okay,I reckon mammal babies will develop their strength from time to time. :D haha..biasela,kittens memang hyper sesangat!

    i didnt even think of the Rain when i name them
    Really? Nature-inspired name is awesome! And it's one-of-a-kind,too.

  4. well, compared to their older brothers & sisters, yg batch ni sangat la hyper giler!hoho..sume bende die panjat.LOL!