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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Celebrate good time c'mon!!

Oh my..i juz turned 21 last Friday(30th March)...

30th March 2007

Celebrated my birthday & Ain's/Hang-out wif the PBSM(Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu) members..This was Bihah's idea laa..saje2 hang-out and kinda celebrate the birthdays.. i thought only 4 of us ; Bihah,Ain,Husni and me..but Husni couldn't make it cos something came up.. last2 sampai ade 6 orang yg join kaedahnye..Bihah,Ain,Tika,Aireen,Linda and me..
Wait!!I forgot to tell you where we celebrated it>> at KL Sentral's McDonald's..why there?bcos all of them were from UKM but me..I'm from home cos I'd no class on boleh balik umah on thursday laa..there were a lot of peeps laa at that time..lebih kurang pukul 1.00 pm I reached KL Sentral..time orang lunch..huhu..kitorng pon skodeng la tempat2 kosong at McD tu..punye la lame waiting for the group of chinese peeps beredar from their tables..they've been there for like 1 hour lebih!!Motif kitorang tunggu for the meja??there were 4 tables there..huhu..senang la nak berborak bagai..memang kecoh laa..order makanan bukan main banyak lagi..smpai senak2 perut..hahaha..mane x senak..time makan sambil borak,ketawa bagai..adehh..ade orang tu sampai umah je trus muntah..sape la manusia yg muntah ni(spoiler: budak paling tinggi dlm grup ni..hehe)..
After that, I went to the Times Square to survey some things..survey punye survey I bought a pair of sandals..cos the harga really berbaloi..then I bought a "Caramel Frappucino" at Starbucks..really creamy!!I lurveeeeeeeee IT!!!

31th March 2007
The next's not exactly my birthday..but my ex-schoolmates wanna blanje Ayeshah and me >>Burger's been a long time since I eat Burger King..asyik makan at McD kaedahnye..sbb ade free coupons..haha..Fatin and Basariah blanje us makan at Burger King, Masjid Jamek cos they wanted to celebrate Ayeshah's and my birthday..baik hati betul diorang ni..macam baru dapat gaji plak..huhu..sian Fatin..came all the way from UKM cos she had classes on she decided to come home on Saturday laa..Basa lak came from home..kat Selayang..Ayeshah and me came together laa dengan lrt..Juz like Friday..all of us too makan2 banyak2 sampai senak..heheh..makan sket,gelak sket,borak2,buat lawak..memang la sampai senak perut tu!wakakaka..
The plan for that day only involved eating at Burger King..but then Ayeshah,Basa and me pujuk Fatin to join us to go to Times Square..saje nak shopping kasut..and cuci2 mata..hehe..last2 Fatin join gak..hehe..Ayeshah's the one who wanted to buy shoes/sandals but in the end,Fatin and me yg dapat beli shoes..muahahhah..sian Ayeshah..dah dapat kasut yg berkenan..but there're not in her size..pity her..huhu..penat gak laa round2 at Times Square..dari bawah,naik atas,turun balik..adehh..I managed to grab a gift for my cousin -> Areen(also lahir on the 30th of March).I bought Ayeshah a handphone case for her birthday and she gave me a necklace..Fatin gave me a t-shirt(i added some of my money cos she said RM5 jek..haha)..yelaa..she already blanje makan..hehe..Basa lak gave Ayeshah and me some berbulu key-chain which was really cute..ade loceng lagi..heheh..

1st April 2007

April Fools' Day!hehe..this year I'm not fooling anybody..juz wanna be nice..huhu..POYO!!
That morning my family and me went to the Karnival Pendidikan at PWTC laa cos my brother juz got his SPM result..well,the reason I ikut : juz wanna get some goodies..hahha..and also my dad wanna blanje makan at Kenny Roger's Roasters..dah lame x makan kat situ taw..this year punye Karnival Pendidikan cam buhsan jek cos the number of booths were so little mom,sis and me managed to get some goodie taw kumpul2 goodie bags ni..After that we went to The Mall(juz next to the PWTC to have our lunch..makan kat Kenny Roger's la gak..I had the Lamb Chop while my family had the Chicken Meals..last2 banyak x abes cos byk sangat side orders..huhu..ape lagi..tapau ar..I also bought the Starbucks's "Caramel Frappucino" which I lurveeeeeeeee really much..although kinda mahal,but who cares!!IT WAS DELICIOU-SOOO!!sampai rumah je trus bukak Astro Ria tengok Akademi Fantasia..they changed the concert time to hormat the Maulidur Rasul on saturday..managed to watched a few performances > Rizal,Candy and Ebi(wah...ebi dah pandai bukak mulut..hehe)...

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  1. nabihah_a412:42 AM

    wahaha..mmg best laa dat friday.sume gaye cam x mkn 1 mnggu.maklumlah sume pon x breakfast lg (kot!) so pe lg balun beli LARGE set, mentang2 la ade coupon!ish2..
    but d best part, time borak2 n gelak2 cam McD tuh bapak ktorg punye!haha..dok lg lm i think from dat chinese group..wuhuu