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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dinner KIY 06/07..


the transportation - teruk
the food - just like last year's menu,the drink = x sedap!
perjalanan program - there's a lot of technical problem
the multimedia presentation - good! better than last year's presentation
the guest artist - bluekk!!there's actually no guest artist..last year = adibah noor..this year= the winner od Highlanders Idol..tapi kinda sedap gak la die nyanyi..
table/chair placement - OKlaaa...x bersempit2 like last year..

Overall : kinda ok laa..but a little boring..chik n me left the dinner just before the majlis non-formal berlangsung..x larat seyh nak we went home at 10.30..thank God there's there's no need to walk with my heels to the atas bukit..sampai jek trus baring atas katil..ngantuk la plak...

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