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Monday, March 26, 2007

Akademi Fantasia 5's 2nd Concert..

Compared to last week's concert, this 2nd concert was much better..In last concert, all the students' performances were really BAD!!juz like watching a school's concert..really..i mean it..not kidding!

Last Saturday's concert started off with Candy(Semua Jadi Satu - 3 Diva).Her costume was really nice and her voice pun quite OK la compared to the first concert..but the kezutan on her really tenggelamkan dia.Astro brought the 3 Diva >> Kris Dayanti, Ruth Sahanaya, and Titi DJ on stage.It totally made Candy kinda like invisible atas pentas..pity her coz all the attention were on the 3 Diva..keji tauu Astro ni..Up next was Rizal with Kembali Merindu by Slam..Well,his performance was really weird coz he always make this weird face which was really annoying..He was really trying too hard to impress the pengkritiks..After that was Ebi's performance.He sang Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias..haha..he's trying too hard to be sexy..although i kinda like it..hehe..jangan jeles..his baju was really buruk!!vunguks punye astro wardrobe!!the little kid who danced with him is really cute..pandai gelek ala2 syakira lagi(bukan syakirah hashim ok..syakira penyanyi tu taww..hehe)..Overall,kinda OK laa..

Next was Heliza with Aku Bukan Untukmu..bestla this song.It was originally sang by Rossa..sedey taww lagu ni..her voice really suits this song..i like her performance..simple but nice.Then it was Aizat's turn with the song anak Datuk ni kinda like a badut on stage..All the pengkritiks luv his performance..rocker sejati bak kate hattan..pftthh..WTF!!..pengkritiks sume ni dah kene suap by Astro ke??maybe they like it because of the song..camne laa vokal cam Aizat leh masuk AF ni..and not to mention his votes!!really byk arr!!mesti banyak kroni2 ayah dia tolong backup ni..huhu..speku..speku..Up next was Fatin with Bila Ku Rindu Ku Sebut Nama Mu..really membosankan..maybe because of her really soft voice..actually it was not so bad..if only she projected her voice more,she'll be ok..

Then it was Farha's turn to perform..He sang Biarkan Aku Menangis..this song was really sedey laa..suits Farha's voice..tengok Farha ni ade cam Anding AF2 lak sket2..he sang the song well but the only problem with him was his HAIR..adehh..why laa too skema???cam penyek je atas kepala tuu..Next was Mila and then Afiq's turn..Mila sang Gotta Tell You by Samantha Mumba..lagu ni best but Mila's version was kinda pelik coz of her pronounciation..susah nak paham..but she looks so cute in her pink dress.Afiq sang Biso Bonar(Hattan) after Mila's turn.It was an OK performance..but his pronounciation of some of the Negri's words sounded kinda pelik to my ear..dunno laa..Hattan called him Puff Daddy..haha..really funny..After that,it was Noni's turn..She sang Mirae by Kiroro..her face really looks like a japanese girl..cute!Oklaa her performance..but it's lack of mesti kes x paham maksud lagu ni..wakakakaka..Next was Dafi's version of Pencinta Wanita by Irwansyah..his performance also biasa2 jek compared to other contestants..2 weeks in a row he got a simple song..x mencabar vokal langsung..but he got a cute look that school girls and teenagers wonder laa his votes really his family is kinda rich..OOpss..i forgot dekna!!hehe..her turn was before dafi..she sang Cinta by Amy Mastura..the VT that showed her with Amy Mastura in a clinic was really damn funny..Amy Mastura slambe giler jadi doktor sambil merepek2..dekna plak was kinda tahan gelak melayan amy mastura..funny siot!!back to her was better than last week's performance..but she's kinda imitating Amy Mastura's voice..i swear..some part of the song, she sounded like Amy Mastura..After Dafi's turn was Aswad..He sang Nak Kahwin Duit Tak Ada..well..he did looked like a badut on stage..juz like Aizat(no offense!) coz he kept repeating his hand gestures like Karam Singh Walia of TV3..haha..very the kampung punye performance..sorry!!and last but not least..Shawal with the song Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa..hahah..jambul dia was pretty funny!!nak menonjolkan ala orang dulu2 gamaknye..but x jadi!!wakakaka..he did a great job with the song..ok..minus his jambul and his baju..tersangatlaa buruknye..

Overall,this concert was OKlaa compared to the last concert..all the pengkritiks were kinda happy with the contestants' performances..i felt kinda terhibur gaklaa..haha..oopss..tertinggal lak..It was Afiq who got kicked out from the academy..sian..

Pictures belong to Astro..

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