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Friday, October 26, 2007

Jalan jalan Raya part 2...

Last Sunday was my first time visiting my friends;Ain n Bihah at Shah Alam..well..although kinda far..well..not really that far..only 1 hour ++ from my home @ KL..Tekah,Aireen n me supposed to meet at KL Sentral at 10 pm..but but due to some problems..we arrived there kinda be precise, we kuar from our home lambat!!haha...

We took a ride on the Komuter train from KL Sentral to the Shah Alam Komuter station for almost 45 mins..i think..ahaks!!When we reached there, Bihah, together with Husni, fetch and bring us to her home.Well, what can i say about Shah Alam is...hmm..the road were kinda confusing..only Shah Alam people knew how to drive on the road..hehe..

At Bihah's house, she served us spaghetti, nasi beriyani(or issit nasi minyak?or nasi tomato?),fruit cocktails and other food like the kuih raya(or cookies) and so much more..gosh..banyaknye makanan..huhu..i like the spaghetti sauce..not too thick n not too thin..juz like how i like..her house were quite big(well..if compared to my house laa..hehe)..then we lepak2 at her house until 1 pm lebey2..then we headed for Ain's place at Padang Jawa, Shah Alam..

~ At Bihah's bedroom ~

~ Anak sape la posing maut ni..hehe ~

~ NO..they're not musicians in front of Globe Silk Store!haha! ~

~ Ain merempit! ~

~ In Ain's car ~

Ain said she lives at kampung(village) only..but when we reached was not a kampung house at all!Big and fully air-conditioned!huhu..really humble la budak ni..her house was like a bungalow but smaller..there's also a komuter station EXACTLY IN FRONT of her house!kalo bosan2 tu you can tengok la all the komuter train lalu lalang..hehe..well, at her house we were served mee hoon goreng(friend mee hoon), cekodok or jemput2 and also some kuih raya(cookies).Gosh...the cekodok were really delicious!! Not only us were there..there were some guys from our class also...Rocky,Naim and also Awie..we were supposed to leave early because Aireen have to go to her family's BBQ later that evening..but we balik at 4 sumthing pm..hehe..janji Melayu betul!haha..

~ Ain's Delicious Cekodok! ~

~ At Ain's Living Room (eh..tekah titun ke?hehe) ~

~ Bihah and Me ~

~ Some of the guys yg datang ~

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  1. bkn rempit da...lumba haram.hehehe...

  2. anyon7:47 PM

    haha. akula stuntwomen dlm cite impak maksima tu wehh.

    p/s: mekaseh la ltak gambo gaban pkai tudg tu ek. hihi. gaban da masok islam. alhamdulillah

  3. weyyy..
    mana muka ak yg kiut2 tue..huehue..
    yg macam nak titun tue wat aper ko letak..

  4. me want some cekodok..puh-lezzz????

  5. nabihah12:47 PM

    seronok kn raye kat shah alam!! haha.. btw, tu nasik carrot la..bell confuse plak, tu la len kali tny dulu..hehe just kidg..

    mmg seronok smpai sesat time balik.ape la org shah alam ni!! especially org yg bwk kete 2! :D wakaka

  6. huahua..
    apa laa sesat..
    tapi best gak..
    bulatan macam2 nama ada..
    jalan pn banyak dh kitorg dgr..

  7. hah?nasi carrot ke?wahaha..suakti jer letak name nasi sendiri...hahah

  8. anyon8:54 PM

    tula. pusing2 s.alam. seb bek xd yg muntah dikalangan penumpang2 a.k.a dak2 kl. haha. bnyk r ko bha. ak sesat, ko pon sesat. tp las2 dpt gak cari jln. leh r pasni join amazing race. =)

  9. nabihah12:48 PM

    race kat halaman rmh aku bole la..shah alam pon sesat! camni nak msk amazing race! piirraahh...hahahhahhaahaha