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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let's cook!!

i know it's kinda funny to hear about me cooking..hehe..well..i do cook but depends on my mood..ahaks!

Earlier this morning,together with my mom,we went to the wet market of Pasar Pudu..when i said wet,i really mean it.not kidding ok..well,usually only my mom n dad went to the market every sunday..but because my dad was outstation at Jakarta,Indonesia,i have no choice but to teman her to the market..huhu..actually i hate wet markets coz of the smell,the "lecak" and the huge number of people uncomfortable!juz look at the pics i've taken below...gosh....

Now,back to the i've made Stirfried LaLa with chillies..huhu..actually my mom asked me to cook them coz she had to go to KLIUC (Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College)with my brother to register him there..It is cook this lala...all you need are:
  • Lala (of coz!)
  • Chillies
  • Onions
  • Garlics
  • Serai (Lemon Grass)
  • Salt

Then put the blended onions,garlics and the chillies into the pan..After 10 mins(i think..hehe..not sure),put the lala and mix them altogether..make sure you didn't put too much salt! then,wait until the lala became kinda reddish,then it's time to eat!heheh...

~ The most important ingredient ~


~ The Result ~

That's all for today ye week kite continue..if i'm in the mood to cook laa..hehhe..


  1. My fave dish!!!!..sedap nampak..hehe.

  2. anyon9:03 PM

    bell msak?? bolela oder lala pasni. bole r ko dpt cekodok ak free. kite wat sist barter. ngeh2.

    p/s: psar mmg r basah. kalo giant tak kot. tu psal bha suke g. haha

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaawaaa...
    nk tryy..
    lapaa la plak...hhuhu

  4. ape..ingat ain je yg bole masak ke?hehe...

  5. bihah memang maskot giant..haha

  6. nabihah12:42 PM

    ceh.cari la maskot best giant, x commercial lnsg!! hohoho

    p/s: org2 yg kutuk aku tu mcm la xpenah g giant!