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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tell Me Syndrome!!

To those who follow K-entertainment must have heard the famous Tell Me dance by Wonder Girls.It was a HUGE phenomena at South Korea and you can see lots of them in Youtube..Juz search for Tell Me dance and you will find lots of vids, from schoolgirls to policeman and even soldiers !!.I saw the dance for the 1st time at Youtube while searching for Lee Seung Gi's Special Stage in Music Bank@KBS..Then I found the clip where Big Bang performing on the stage with the Wonder Girls for their songs..The song's quite catchy and upbeat while the dance's really cute!Just see it for yourself!!

Tell Me MV by Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls teaching Tell Me dance

Wonder Girls & Big Bang - Tell Me & Lie

Tell Me Dance Compilation

currently addicted to them!!hehe..

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