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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What happened to KL last week..huhu..

There are many things dat's happening at KL last week and the week before dat..Firstly, the hot topic for the last 2 weeks was about the BERSIH rally which was held at the city center of KL..its main objective was to strive for fair elections(next year maybe?)..well, i think you knew what happened to those who joined the rally..water cannon and teargas of coz!!ahaks!but wat i respect the rally because there's no violent involved like the HINDRAF rally that happened last Sunday..wat a BULL!!they even tore down the Batu Caves' temple main gate!and even threw things such as rocks,bricks and also the trash can by the roadside to the policemen/FRU!!really2 rude!!i'm really ashamed of them..i dun want to comment anything about the memorandum they wanted to give to the British emmbassy(to the Queen actually..yeah rite?!hehe) which I found really absurd and kinda racist too..huhu..wat happened to Malaysia today?plz guys..we juz want to live in harmony no matter wat our race or religion are!

~ BERSIH Rally~

~ HINDRAF rally ~

pictures credit to and The Star

only makes the road jammed..crap!

ps: FRU is "Federal Reserve Unit"..for those who don't know...hehe


  1. ramainya nak peminat EBI

  2. uik. bpak aku join la bersih rally tu. actually nothing la rally tu. polis je yg poyo sgt. hindraf tu lain r