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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ebi Kornelis' Birtthday Bash @ Izzi, Bukit Bintang

Last Saturday was the celebration of Ebi Kornelis' 24th Birthday which was held by Ebi FC at Izzi Restaurant,Bukit Bintang..The theme for that day was "Yellow"..ahaks!For those who don't know ,they used Yellow simply because it's Ebi's favourite colour!'s really hard to find yellow clothes, you know!!The event started at 2.30 pm I think..I didn't even look at my watch!haha..

On the way there, I met Kak Daa yg cute at the monorail and also a few others..we dressed up in yellow and I was hoping that nobody noticed us!haha..I don't want they to think that we're promoting DIGI!!ahaks!We were greeted by the Kak Gie, Inspire and her sis: Yasmin, Idril, Rubi and also Cutepiekiss(their forum name..ahaks!)..There are also some reporters and a few members of Mila's FC : Da Vom that joined the party..Nikki also joined us after the party..Each of us was given a cute cuppycake with "EBI" on it..really delicious!!The surprise for Ebi was his parents who came all the way from Sabah!He was really shocked and surprised!haaha! I really thought that Mila will be surprising him..guess I was wrong..huhu..Here are some of the pics taken by Kak Daa, Rubi,Emma,Idril and me..

~ Cuppycake for everybody ~

~ Ebi's Birthday Cake ~

~ The Birthday Boy with his parents ~

~ Me and Rubi ~

~ With Nikki ~

~ Ebi tengah merepek ape ntah ~

~ Groupies?? ~

~ Ebi and fans ~

~ Ebi featuring Lolly..hehe ~

~ Gadis2 Penjaga Kaunter..kuikuikui ~

~ Ebi duet with talented Faizal ~

~ Ebi and Nikki ~


  1. EBI and his fan penyokong kuat BERSIH.

  2. seb baek x kene tahan polis..haha

  3. awak nampak kuning!!