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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hanging out at KLCC!!

It's been a while since I updated this bloggie of mine..Actually,I was waiting for the pictures from JARING's 1st Dinner "Nite of Colourful Memories", from my training buddy; Zana but I only received a picture from her..well,maybe she was kinda that's why I took almost 2 weeks break from posting anything here..huhu..

Last Friday my frens and I; Tekah, Aireen, Eyda, Ain and her cousin : Hajar, went to the KLCC juz to hang around..actually I've been wanting to go to the Pikom PC Fair at KL Convention Center juz beside the KLCC, so when Tekah asked me to watch "Enchanted" at TGV,KLCC, I juz agreed. We were supposed to meet at Putra KLCC station at 11 a.m. but all of us reached there more to 11-ish rather than 11-sharp..huhu..and...I was the first to reached always..hmm..but if I went out with my skool frens,I can promised you guys that I will be the late one!really ironic..ahaks!

After Tekah arrived, we quickly went to TGV to buy the movie tickets..we were really shocked to see a really long queue juz to buy the tickets..well, we juz queue up and hope that there are tickets for Enchanted at 12.10 pm..Ain and Hajar arrived at TGV near 12 pm and we were really worried coz Aireen still stucked in traffic jam near her house. Suprising enough, we managed to grabbed 5 tickets to watch "Enchanted"!!After that, we quickly went to RotiBoy to buy some food coz Ain's kinda hungry..hehe..Then we quickly headed back to TGV coz the movie already started..haha..we were late a few minutes and Aireen still not arrived yet..After waching the movie for 10-15 mins, Aireen SMSed us telling that she's already outside the cinema..Then, Ain and Hajar went out to give the ticket to her..haha..kinda funny..The movie was really interesting and the Prince Edward looks kinda like a staff I knew at JARING..who?biarlah rahsia..ahaks!

Then we headed to the Surau to perform our Zohor prayer. After that we went to the food court to have our lunch there. Eyda already there and has booked us 2 tables. She didn't join us watching the movie coz she told us that she already watched it. After eating our lunch, we headed to the Pikom PC Fair at KL Convention Center..juz near the KLCC..

As usual, there were really A LOT of people there..some of my frens were shocked to see a lot of people there..hehe..but because they wanted to buy something, they juz went along with me..and stick together coz they afraid to get loss in there..hahaha..Ain and Eyda were looking for external hardisk(I have forgotten the size and the price!ahaks!), Tekah wanted a RM10 all-in-1 card reader and I juz wanted to 2GB pendrive. Because I bought the pendrive at Pendrive booth, I got a Pendrive T-Shirt as a result of the lucky draw held there.Really nice..On the way out, we also got a free Maxis Broadband bag and also a TMNet Streamyx balloon..haha..

~ The pendrive and skin that I bought ~

~ Front of the shirt ~

~ Back of the T-shirt ~

It was already 5 o'clock when we went out from the KL Convention Center, we decided to go to the surau first to perform our Asar prayer.Then, we separated coz Ain and Hajar wanted to go home, and Eyda wanted to meet her friend somewhere at 6.30 pm. Tekah, Eyda and me went to Kinokuniya juz becoz I wanted to buy Cecelia Ahern's P.S. I Love You. I've been wanting to buy this book since August but since I was busy with my practical training, I have forgotten about it..huhu..Well, after that we rushed to the Putra KLCC station to go home.On the way there, we went to the RotiBoy juz to buy some Rotiboy(Kinda like Mexican Bun).When arriving at the station, we were really shocked that they were A LOT of people..and we had to wait for some time coz the security hold us..juz like a road block..maybe because they were really a lot of people there and the lateness of the Putra LRT..Upon boarding the Putra, I saw Ain and Hajar but they didn't see me..ahaks..and lastly, I reached home at 8.10 pm.. : )

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