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Friday, December 21, 2007

Lucky ME!!!

Earlier this morning, while I was watching TV...A carrier truck stopped in front of my house..I thought there was a parcel for my dad coz I usually saw my dad carrying a GDex parcel when he went home.But to my suprise, it was for me ! I got a parcel from Golden Screen Cinemas !! I was really suprised!

When I opened the parcel, there were a white polar bear, a keychain , a deck of card and also a letter stating that I was the 5000th winner of THE GOLDEN COMPASS (ROUND 2) contest held at the GSC's website.

[click picture to view larger version]

These are the things that I've won :

The Golden Compass Bear Plush Toy

Pewter Keychain

Deck of cards

[click pictures to view larger version]

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:01 AM

    i want that bear!
    where can i get one from!!