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Friday, December 21, 2007

Passed and Failed..

Last Wednesday I went for the JPJ test for driving at SKEM, Gombak..I reached there at 10.00 am something and straight away went to the "hill test" which I passed..but then..when it comes to the 'side parking' test, huhu...said to say that I failed!huhu!really sedey maaa...I failed because , after reversing the car, I had already in gear 1 but somehow the car seems to be moving backward..huhuhu..I was ok when practising the parking before but somehow I failed it during the test..huhuhu..sedeyyyyyyy!!!! I was really disappointed at that time..but life goes on..after that, I went to the hall to wait for "Road test"..I was really nervous at that time coz almost all the JPJ officer looks kinda like garang or fierce but in the end i found that they're really nice..hehe..after a few minutes waiting, I was called..I have to drive the number 13 car..hoho..Maybe some of you will think that it will bring me bad luck or something..but I have no time to worry about that..I have a test to worry about!haha..but thank God I passed the road test!! yahooooo!!! I only need to retest the parking part..Wish me luck guys!!

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