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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The first post of 2008!!

I hope it's not too late to wish all of you a very happy new year coz I've been too busy with my Uni's life as it's my final year..huhu..sorry guys!!

Actually I wanted to update this bloggie of mine last week but been kinda busy again..well,last week my family and I celebrated my sis' 14th birthday at Victory Restaurant(again!) at Subang coz my dad suddenly wanted to eat Singaporea's Sup Tulang Merah..ahaks..We also went to Secret Recipe near our house to buy my sis' birthday cake.. grandma also was discharged from the hospital last week..she was really bored to stay at the hospital coz of the lousy food..erghh..She's now at my aunt's house at Rawang and she'll be having her operation this 21st Jan..get well soon grannie!

Well,today received a comment from Lydia Teh(the author of Honk!If You're Malaysian),jokingly asking me why I didn't buy her book..ahaks!!For your information,I've already bought the book together with Nicholas Sparks' Dear John last December..They were my first books that I ordered was my first online transaction!yeay!!

Aiyaa..gotta go some assignment to do..sayonara! : )


  1. Happy new year dear! Anyway,all the best in your final year..gambatte ne!

  2. Bell, where did u go online to buy the books lo?