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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sushi Frenzy!!

Yesterday was a holiday here. So I went to Midvalley Megamall to look for the the book that I've been looking for which is related to my final year project..really tiring hokey!!

Juz imagine waiting for almost 2 hours juz to get on a's not because there's no bus but all the buses were FULL!!and unfortunately,my college was the last stop in UKM..huhu..and not to forget the little number of buses which made us students really pissed off..After an hour, I decided to take a cab but there's no cab around!aigooooo!!!thank God, after almost 2 gruesome hours, I managed to catch a cab..hoho..finally!!

But the pain continues...there were really a LOT of people on the commuter..I was sweating as you can barely feel the was like being in a canned sardine..huhu..the same goes to Midvalley..a LOT of people were doing their shopping thing as there is SALE going on due to the Chinese New Year that will be celebrated later in February..I rushed myself to MPH Bookstore to look for the book..but unfortunately,there were only 3 books that is related to my project and one of them costs RM200++..hohoho..couldn't afford it!!waaaa...Dissapointed, I went to the Jaya Jusco juz to buy some food coz I haven't taken my lunch yet..Amused with the variety of sushi there, I spent over RM10 juz to buy the them..I dunno why but I was really craving for sushi sis told me that I should look for a Japanese dude as a boyfriend..hahaha!!I wish!!It's really hard to find any Japanese dude(or Korean!) here unless I work for some travel are the sushis that I've bought..hmmm..yummmmmy....

..and today Ayeshah and me went to the KLCC to look for the book that I've been looking for at Kinokuniya..Fortunately I found some interesting books and the prices are kinda low compared to the ones at MPH..hehe..padan muka MPH!sape suruh jual mahal2!Long Live Kinokuniya!!

By the way, I really like the the decorations for the Chinese New Year..kinda like Chinatown..

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  1. Welcome to the club,dear! Sushi memang sedap kan? ~_^ Yelaa,sambil-sambil makan sushi tuh..apa salahnya carik Japanese/Korean boyfriend skali..hehe..
    Yeah,I <3 Kinokuniya too! The last time I went there,I bought a manga ^_^

    p/s:Ah,as u have known,I will put up a special ed in conjunction of my feel free to ask anything laa..tak paksa pun,since u and me been best buddies,like..forever!

    Aite..take care!