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Sunday, February 10, 2008

TARA 2 Top 3!!

I was really happy that one of Malaysian Team - Pamela and Vanessa, the Chong sisters - will be racing in the finale of The Amazing Race on the 14th February at AXN!! Although another Malaysian team - Ann and Diane, the Dancing Mums - got eliminated last Thursday, I was really happy that both of the Malaysian teams were in the Top 4 spot!Malaysia Boleh!!Now the sisters will have to beat the Boys Teams ; Marc and Rovilson(Phillipines)and also Singapore's Andrian and Collin..I know it will be hard for the girls to win but I'm rooting for them!!GO GO Girl Power!!May luck be with you girls!!

~ The Dancing Mums got eliminated..huhu ~

~Juz look at Pam's hands!full of elephant dungs!haha~

~ Vanessa delivering the dungs..hehe ~

~ wat's wif the face girls??hehe~

Good Luck to Pamela and Vanessa on reaching the final!!

ps: I juz found the Sony ad which features Vanessa and Rovilson on youtube!thanks to mangofreak for uploading it..

pictures courtesy of Amazing Race Asia 2

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