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Monday, March 24, 2008

Back from the dead..

juz kidding..i'm still alive hokkay!hehe..i know it has been a while since i updated this blog.Well,lately there're so much stuff that happened.

Firstly, 2 weeks ago, my beloved uncle died of lung's really shocking coz he's not that old compared to my late grandfather(he died of lung cancer also). He's only 43 years old. He left a wife,2 daughters and also 3 sons.It was really sad for the children as they're really young. The oldest son is only 19 years old and the youngest is only 4 years old..Really really sad..huhu..AlFatihah...

Next, my grandmother was admitted to the hospital again..but i'm not sure what hepatitis that she got(C or B??).My aunt brought her to the hospital because suddenly her appetite is decreasing. The doctor that treated her said that she might be infected when she did the dialysis 2 months ago..huhu..again..I'm really sad to see her at the hospital last sunday..she has a fever and did not look healthy..dahla the food were wonder all the patients never like hospital's food.

Finally,yesterday the Formula 1 race was held at Sepang and KIMI RAIKKONEN was the winner!!yeay!!!here are the full results:

[Click Pic for bigger view ]

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