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Monday, March 31, 2008

New haircut!

After my meltdown yesterday, I became relieved that some of my burden have been left out. Luckily some of my friends understands what I've been going through.Thanks guys for letting me know that I'm not alone.

Well, back to the topic, I dunno why but suddenly I wanted to cut some of my hair. I've been wanting to do that but been really busy and have forgotten about it. After surfing some of the Wonder Girls' websites, I suddenly want to cut my hair like YooBin's. She's my fave girl in Wonder Girls coz she's kinda like the stylo one.hehe..So I cut my hair and in the end, ended up like SunYe's+YooBin's..hahaha..kinda funny..

~ YooBin ~



  1. baru? mesti chomey -_^

    muka yoo bin tu mcm michelle branch la..hehe.

  2. tu laa..tetibe je rase diri sendiri cam comel lak..hahaha

    yoobin cam michelle branch ke?~_^

    hehe..yoobin tu kalo makeup nmpak sexy kalo x makeup sangat, cute giler..ahaks!