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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Girl's noon out?

It's funny how 6 girls can't make up their mind on wat to eat at McD.^__^

1 of the Bengongs; Bihah, decided to treat us McD coz it's the last semester for us at's kinda sad to leave all the good stuff that we had experienced for the last 3 years..:'(:'(

Well,it almost 2 hours since 6 of us sit here,eating up all the food until we's been a while since we hangout like this..huhu..juz hoping this moment won't fade away..



Will miss u guys!



  1. aya i don't really go to fat food places too often. i love your layout.. lol i know that guy from somewhere.. i just can't think of it.

  2. nabihah_a411:21 PM

    good stuff??!! not until some incidents huh...

    well its really good to get to know each other; with all kinds of characters - baik, kelakar, comel, sedih, masam, busuk hmmm everything! segala rupe perangai kluar hohohoh
    BUT you know what..korg sume mmg BEST! termasuk la aku ni whuahaha (",)v
    walaupun sume perangai laen2 kekdg tuh laeenn sgt (no offense here ok!) hehe tp boleh ngam...its good to have friends like you guys..
    and the happiest moment of all is bile gelak smpai x ingat dunia, tngkp gamba sesame, mkn sesame, g jln2 n listen to all kinds of cerite~ byk tuuu blaja n dpt ilmu dr korg sume hahaha...

    n we actually have a t-shirt each - the Bengongs :) (eyda yg come up with this idea buat tshirt) i really2 like the shirt..its really CUTE!! huu with d sesat butterfly at d back heheh...i think d name itself says it all and eventhough some people might think that "the Bengongs" is ntah pape (even my parents gelakkn, ade ke patot ish3 huhu) but its a really UNIQUE name though (name ni plak bell yg kasi, x psl2 lekat plak).....

    hope this FRIENDSHIPS will last FOREVER!!!

    p/s: hmmm whatever it is, do not ruin our friendships with all d remeh-temeh stuff...please...
    be grown-ups!! :D

    fiiuhh...longest comment i've ever wrote dah kire blog dah ni bkn comment wakaka

  3. lily: thanks for visiting my blog! well,the layout was made by my fren as I love Lee Seung Gi very much..but lately i've been cheating on him with Wonder Girls' Kim Yoo Bin..haha..sorry Seunggi ah!

    Bihah: thanks for the comment..well,almost like a blog entry!haha..memang best kawan ngan korang..although kite sume are not perfect but that is what made us so special..juz hoping that some of us will change the 'immature' stuff in them..if u know what i mean..haha!

  4. wohoh.bha bermaharajalela ngn komennye yg pnjang. ak pon rase cmtu. we should cherish all the time we had together guys. not ruin it. by d way, ak pkai bju yg ade buterfly sesat arini g suway piramit ngn dak bha ni ha. its a cute tshirt. a lil comment about the shirt is okay i think coz masing2 kn batak dpt shirt baru. msti komen2. lagi2 design same2(walaupun idea aku tu sket banget), tp ak nk jugak kate kite design same2. di kala ini, ak tgh pkai g tshirt nih.(sok ak basuh la. bell msti da tutup2 idong tu. cehh.)

    the most precious moment for me in ukm is u, the bengongs.
    hope the frenship will last forever.

    n thnx utk bha n tikah yg wat tshirt ni.
    n thnx tu eyda, bell irin ngn ak yg bg moral support. xde yg lebey, xde yg kurg. sume org wat tshirt ni actually.

  5. nabihah_a412:24 AM

    weh ain..bkn setakat bell je yg tutop hidung tu, aku pon same hohoho..jgn terase ye!? alamak~ wahaha

    btol2, aku sgt setuju ngan ko ain...tshirt kite design same2, klu kutuk2 maknenye kutok diri sendr la tu...
    biase la tu 1st impression org laen2! nak buek camno manusia dlahirkan bermcm2 jenis so terime je la kn...

    aku nak btolkn cket ayat ain yg last tu...bkn aku ngan tkah yg buat, korg bg moral support x...kte sume sbnrnye yg buat and sume jgk la yg bg moral support hehe :)

    p/s: harap laa d rest of us bole kasi komen on this entry...maybe this will kinda be the platform nak luahkan perasaan masing2 ka??! huhu

    seronok bc hasil tulisan org...