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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What the...?!

yesterday i went home from my Uni as my next exam paper will be on the Tuesday which means i'll be staying at home for couples of days..not sure how many though..ahaks!

well, since i had my bowl-sometimes-they-also-called-mushroom-haircut a couple of weeks ago(i trimmed it a bit! :P),i looked a little weird for a malay girl but it's kinda common with the koreans/ granma's now at my home and still haven't see her adorkable granddaughter(that's me!haha)new haircut..haha..when i reached home, she was watching tv and still have got any clue bout my haircut coz i'm wearing headscarf at that time.then when i have loose my tudung, she was startled with my should see her reaction..she was like "OMONA!!what happened to my granddaughter's hair!"..haha..really priceless!!

but later she also showed me her new auntie cut her long hair until it was only shoulder length!haha..she was a little mad with my aunt at that time..hehe..she said she looked a little like nyonya(which means "Chinese granny" or ahjumma!haha!)..

well,both grandma and granddaughter cut their long as we are happy..haha!

if u guys are bored or annoyed with my posts about my haircut..plz plz suck it up!it's my blog afterall!HUH!why shud i care!

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