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Saturday, June 14, 2008

VOTE for WG!!

although it's hard to win the MTV Korean Favourite artist category, at least we show the Wonder Girls some love..So juz vote WONDER GIRLS!!

EDIT: too bad WG didn't win.the award went to SuJu instead. not suprising,huh?anyway,congrats to them!


  1. ah..talking about the recent awards..quite surprising that Nicholas Teo won against Dato' Siti!
    Nonetheless,too bad they don't broadcast em live...

  2. dato' siti is overrated now..hahha!nic teo got both local and international supporters!

  3. ah uh...btw,i've read em thru Kosmo jerk...quite a surprise that SuJu won.. o_0 and yeah,nic teo mmg fames