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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I know I've been on hiatus for nearly a month now..I juz want some time alone and do some thinking.I'm so sorry if I've been neglecting you guys(you know who you are..^_^) coz I really want some time for myself.I really meant it guys. Please give me some space but it's not like I want to ditch you guys.I juz need some time...u may ask Eyda wat happened..but don't go pushing me asking why I'm acting like this.

BTW,I've been kinda busy with my Wonderful Youtube Channel and Wonderful little dongsengs,unnies and oppas(I have yet to met a Wonderful!)..

Anyway..congrats to the Wonder Girls for grabbing the Mutizen Award(Inkigayo) for 3 straight weeks and 5th No.1 in Music Bank's Kchart(all for So Hot!!)..It sucks that you guys can only grab the Mutizen for 3 weeks in a row(stupid max 3 wins rule for Inkigayo..juz let the girls keep on winning yo!)maybe other artistes were intimidated with WG's SO HOT popularity..and hey MBC!we need more WONDERBANG COLLABs!!and WTF with MNet's MCountdown??WG's practically won every categories except for the mobile category but guess who won for 2 weeks in a row??Taeyang!!I also love Taeyang but the results were a little ~~erggh..and to let it more obvious,YG Entertainment(Taeyang's/Big Bang's) has merged with MNet..coincidence?Isn't is strange that WG practically won on every Gayo shows,Internet Charts but not on MNet?LOL..watever!I know that it's impossible for WG to win everything but at least they should have won for a week,rite?and I heard that WG has to limit their So Hot promotion because it's unfair to other artistes that they kept winning the charts..I was like,WTF??!!So wat if the other artistes didn't win..It's a competition afterall..Gosh..I felt like our WG was being treated unfairly and being bullied by others..well,that's what you get when you're being nice to others..wat a 'fair' world we lived in..

lol..sorry for being too protective of WG..but yeah,they deserves better treatment from the entertainment industries..but Koreans(and some parts of the world,too!!) community including a lot of celebrities really adore our Wonderful Wonder Girls.NO WONDER you can see a lot of WG's UCC(user created contents) on video sharing websites!!

and juz to let you SMS ringtone now is Yoobinnie's rap part in SO HOT..teehee.. cool,huh? ^___^

and did I tell you that I'm into Keroro Fighter? random..well,the anime was really cute!kerokerokerokero~~~~


  1. Hello dear! long time no hear's life?

    Hope you will have a great time for yourself ^_^

    Anyway,I love Prebet Tamama! Comeyl wooo....

  2. hi ya!i'm doing great!

    i prefer Sgt. Keroro since he's too clumsy and funny!!hahaha!