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Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm Back!

JYP..and the Wonder Girls..We're back!
Min Sunye So Hot!Park Yeeun So Hot!Sunmi Jjang So Hot!Ahn Sohee So Hot!Kim Yoobin So Hot!
Saranghaeyo Wonder Girls!
Mae Ryuk Man Jum Wonder Girls!
So Hot ! Dae Bak!
Haha..I juz love the cheer where the fans chanted when WG performed..Couldn't help but to post it up..teeeheee.. ^_^

Well, i'm back to blogging again since i'm pretty much doing nothing at home besides uploading WG's clips and stalking anything related to them..LOL!

I think most of you know that I won't be graduating this year..well, it was really depressing for me coz i'm the only one in my group that didn't get the chance to graduate..truthfully, i felt like sooooo stupid and that's why i don't feel like talking to any of my friends when i received the results..there, finally i spilled it out..i felt really depressed because i actually did well in other subjects except for that one damn's really disappointing,really..and that's why i'm on hiatus from my studies now and i'm thinking to resume my studies next semester instead of this semester.and sometimes i get annoyed at all the people who kept asking when are you's your results and bla bla's REALLY REALLY ANNOYING!but anyway, i juz wanna wish those who will be graduating this year ,"Congratulations!" and please pray that i'll be doing well in my studies next semester.

today's date is really special, 8th August 2008 or 08-08-08..the main highlight of today was the grand opening for Beijing Olympics 2008!!it was soooooo marvelous and really impressive!! the only thing that sucks was, i missed the malaysian team's introduction part..LOL!

The 2nd exciting event was, the released of Big Bang's new music video which was really really cool!the song "Haru Haru"(Day by Day), is now officially playing in my head..the beat was addictive,juz like "So Hot"'s. and the story in the MV was really sad..well, you have to see it for your self if you want to know wat i'm talking about..LOL!

This last news is not as interesting as the two stuff above, actually it's juz another boring news making headlines in malaysia's boring that it makes you wanna puke every time reading's all about politics and each parties said that they're rite and will committedly contribute their energy to the people..wat a bull..and i don't believe all of them ..they're pretty much the same.ooops, i forgot to tell you wat's the bad! well, most of Malaysians already knew that PKR's Wan Azizah resigned her position as a Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh .Her hubby, Anwar Ibrahim will contest in the by-election, which must be held within 60 days following the resignation of Wan Azizah. I wonder who will win the spot..I bet PKR will retain the spot and BN will go home crying..haha..juz kidding..but seriously, the government shud wake up from their sleeps and manage this country effieciently..for example juz look at our public was SO DEPRESSING that you have to waste a lot of time by waiting them..and also, Anwar Ibrahim was accused sodomizing a guy named Saiful who was his assistant for some time..i found this news was kinda funny coz how could a healthy young man being raped by an old guy?hahahaha..if it was true, then i'll have to credit Anwar for having a lot of strength than that sissy young guy..anyway, we will never knew wat's the truth and juz leave it to GOD.

but hey,who am i to say anything,i'm juz a 22 year old girl ~~

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