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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SBS is retarded!

SBS gone crazy right now..They made every uploader@Youtube
to removed SBS vids from their channel and mine's included..and they made me removed my favourite Wonder Girls' So Hot Dance Cut from Inkigayo..~~~aishhh..I'm so pissed off rite now!but luckily they only removed the vid but not my whole channel, unlike the "K-Entertertainment Guru" = Coolsmurf's channel..Youtube freaking deleted his channel juz because he uploaded some SBS videos..well, his channel was subscribed by thousands of people around the world mainly because he provided K-Entertainment's ENGLISH SUBBED videos..unlike SBS which did nothing for us International K-Entertainment lovers, but only provided good Korean shows.SBS should be grateful that Coolsmurf made their channel more popular by subbing them for the non-korean speakers around the world. Thanks a LOT Coolsmurf!!and he also made a site for the International Wonder Girls fans!Check out Wonderland!

Nothing to say but !@!#@#!##@&#(&GGE&@#T!Q#F&^#!((( SBS!!


  1. what? damn! why they so terrible uh?

  2. yeah!terrible rite?copyright is so dengki..