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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sunday Madness!

Actually i wanted to post them last Monday but i'm too lazy to do it..LOL!

Last Sunday i was supposed to joined my mom do some grocery shopping at Carrefour Wangsa Maju,but then i got a little stomachache and ended up alone at my home..LOL!Well, i was bored so i went online and almost forgot that Big Bang was going to do a comeback at Inkigayo!Luckily my fellow Wonderfuls told me about that..but too bad i can't watch the show..i think maybe my internet connection was too slow coz it was buffering every seconds..pissed off, so i went surfing instead..luckily there were also some Wonderfuls that were watching the show and gave us, the unlucky Wonderfuls, the details about the show through MSN..and later they went on OOVOO for some 6-way video conferencing..well, it's my first time using it so i was like lost a little bit but somehow i managed to understand how the thing works..but too bad i had to do something before i could joined them that evening and my internet connection i did some cleaning in the living room coz i was TOO BORED..LOL!

Later that night,i went online again since the internet connection was quite ok..I noticed that some of the Wonderfuls were still online and they invited me to their conference..if i remember it correctly, there's Cas(M'sia),Apple(S'pore),Jrae unnie(USA) and also Dan oppa(Australia)..well, it was really crazy whenever Apple's around..she kept doing silly stuff that made us all laugh..really,she's quite an entertainer..juz like her fave Wonder Girls>> Sunmi jjang!and the funniest part is where my mom was peeking at the vid conference and she told us that we looked kinda alike..well, at that time there were only me, Apple and Jrae unnie, since Cas and Dan oppa had to sleep early that night(not really early but earlier than the rest of us..LOL!)..but i have to agree with my mom..maybe because we have these cute chubby cheek?hahaha..and also maybe coz the three of us wore specky?it's weird though, coz our races are not even the same..funny, but weird..curious about wat they really did? juz go to Cas' bloggie..she captured some of the funny moments and post them up there..well, all i can say that they can be crazy and hilarious although we barely know each other!wat a fun day!and i think they addicted to OOVOO..LMAO!

and also, i was really happy that my mom bought some sushi for me on that day coz i haven't eat those for like months!!yeay for yummy sushi!!

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  1. Beshnya dapat vid-conference dgn member! huhu...i'll do my best to download that software..tak sabar nak join the crowd!

    ps:sushi is ♥