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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Ramadhan!!and Chuseok!

i hope it's still not too late to wish Muslims around the world a very Happy Ramadhan..i hope that you will be blessed by Allah S.W.T during this holy month..

actually i wanna update this bloggie yesterday, but Streamyx being an @ss again..~aishhh..i could connect to them but it's like using a much much much much slower version of the dial-up..juz imagine it and i'm not kidding!!the connection become stable juz this i juz gave up and watch the MTV WOnder Girls Season 3!i was really bored yesterday and haven't sleep until now..i bet i must be sleeping really hard when i'm on my way to my grandma's house later this evening..huhu..

nothing to share but a pic of Wonder Girls dancing to Beyonce's Crazy In Love at upcoming MBC's "New Generation Star Trot Battle" show.It will be broadcasted this Monday at 6 pm(Korean)..huhu..can't wait!besides, the Wonder Girls' "boyfriends"; Big Bang will also be competing against them..and did i mention that T.O.P is gonna sing trot??hahahaha!!yes he WILL!!

From L-R : Sohee,SunMi,YeEun,YooBin & SunYe

Just look at the 3 unnies on the right,they're really into it!hahaha!the maknaes on the left are just a little!

and also Happy Chuseok to those who celebrate it!

*unnies : older sisters
*maknaes: youngsters
*chuseok: Korean's thanksgiving festival


  1. Happy puasa to you! Glad your back,btw,love your new display pic kat Friendster tuh..kewl!

    Uhm,honestly,this was the first time I've had to adjust my lifestyle with sahur and berbuka time ;) But then,it's a new experience for me :)

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