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Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Eid Mubarak!!

I hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims around the world a very happy eid mubarak!For those who are wondering what is Eid Mubarak..It's juz like Thanksgiving..We gather and spend the day with our family,friends and our loves one.In Malaysia, we called it "Hari Raya Puasa" or "Hari Raya Aidilfitri"..

sorry again for not updating this bloggie of's juz that,i've been struck by the "LAZY" syndrome again..LOL!I juz got back from my grandma's(my mom's mom) house last Thursday..and i was really really darn tired,although i'm not the one that drive the car..teeheee..and we went for supper at McD coz we were like too "muak" to have any Rendang or Ketupat again..juz imagine eating Rendang and Ketupat for like 3 straight days..LOL!and I actually gained 2-3 KGs during the holidays..geeshhh~~

My family reached my grandma's house juz 2 days before Raya,together with my 2 aunts and their families. It was really fun and tiring cooking for Raya!Of coz it was fun since we do all the works together but was really tiring since we were cooking for a lot of people.On the first day of Raya, all of us performed the Aidilfitri prayer at the nearby mosque(Juz beside my grandma's house!kekeke!).After that, all the 3 families,including grandma held a photo shoot session..the other 3 families only reached at my grandma's house later that evening..another family from Singapore couldn't make it on the Raya day coz they only got a day of holiday so they decided to only "balik kampung" on Friday night.My another uncle couldn't make it coz he lived in Jeddah and he decided to perform the Haj before going back to grandma's house this month.

Then, last Saturday we went to my uncle's house to celebrate the Raya(Raya is celebrated for a month!).Since grandpa(my dad's dad) was no longer around, we gathered at my uncle's house at Sepang. My mom cooked "Nasi Lemak" and Rendang for the gathering(of coz i helped too!^_^)..but we got a little disappointed with some of the family members that didn't bring any food to the gathering. It's always our family that brings lots of food. Some people are juz too ignorant..~aishhhh..

I'll upload all the Raya pics later coz I'm not feeling well since watch out!maybe i'll upload them this midnite or tomorrow!kekekekeke!

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  1. Selmat Hari Raya,dear!

    I've had lemang and pineapple tart for Raya..nevertheless,I dapat rasa makan-makan at bazar Ramadhan!

  2. kekekke..thanks!! i dah boring makan lemang and all the rendang..muak seyh!tapi still loving the kuih raye..hehe