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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Raya Pics!!

kekekkekeke..Raya is already over but I haven't shared my Raya pics yet..LOL!sorry juz that my internet connection has been really sucky lately..and when the connection was OK,it's me that is too lazy to upload them..ahaks!so here they are :

Raya @ Tampin, Negeri Sembilan (Mom's side)

^^family pics

^^ some relatives visited us

^^my mom asking forgiveness from my grandma(it's a MUST for all)

^^visiting my grandpa's & great grandmother's graveyard

^^notice anything extraordinary?LOL!

^^cooking Rendang

Raya @ Sepang ( Dad's side)

^^ family pics

^^my aunts love to eat..LOL!

^^ some of my lovely little cousins

some of the pics at Tampin were photographed by my uncle while the rest is from me..^__^
and click the pictures to view the bigger version..


  1. salam bell..lame dah x ke mari ...hehehehe.... waahhh... x abis2 lagi braye ke? hehehee....

  2. Thanks for sharing! BTW,I love your baju raya,since red is my new fave color XD